Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 2013 favorites

Balea Young Sweet Wonderland shower gel - I honestly don't know what is  with me and chocolate scent lately but I'm obsessed with it! This is like hot chocolate and it is my favorite shower gel lately.

Essence Quatrro eyeshadow To Die For - I'm rolling around few natural eyeshadow palettes but Essence To Die For is the one I was reaching for the most,hopefully Essence will not discontinue it anytime soon! click

Essence Ballerina Backstage Prima Ballerina- I probably had Ballerina blush for a year until I started using it, past few months I am using it 90% of time. I'm half way through it and I'm hoping to find a dupe. If you know about something like this please let me know! click

OPI Stay The Night - I love OPI liquid sand and I have few more on my wishlist! Stay The Night is a real beauty and it was one of my favorite products past month. click

Catrice Infinite Matt Honey Beige - amazing liquid foundation, unfortunately it is discontinued.  click

Three lipsticks were my favorite lip products:
NYX Round Lipstick Paris click
P2 Sheer Glam Fame click
MUA lipstick Shade 4 click

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Essence Oz The Great And Powerful lip balm and nail polishes

At the beginning of March I showed you my swatches and review of Essence Oz The Great And Powerful cream blush which was little bit disappointing but today I have few more products from same LE that I really love. I have color changing lip balm Master Of Magic and three nail polishes : Winged Wonder, Master Of Illusion and Delicate But Determined.

Master Of Magic

Color changing lip balm Master Of Magic is my first lip balm from Essence and since I really like it, it probably won't be the only one. The cherry smell is really nice, it applies easily and it is moisturizing. I also love little bit of color this lip balm gives to my lips.

Winged Wonder, Master Of Illusion and Delicate But Determined

Even though I thought I was over cracking nail polishes I love these. The colors are really pretty and I wish that they are regular nail polishes but since I like the colors so much I won't complain. On picture below you can see how they look with cream coral base. The cracking effect is good but my experience with Essence cracking nail polishes is tells me that they work much better with shimmery base.

Yesterday I applied Winged Wonder over beautiful shimmery gold p2 Lemon Drop. You can see that cracking effect looks much better then picture above. The color is beautiful and looks gorgeous in combination with gold! I can't wait to try minty and deep blue polishes too! 

Do you like Essence LE Oz The Great And Powerful? Did you tried anything from it?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

OPI Goldeneye swatch and comparison with Sally Hansen Gilded Lily

Today I have a swatch of OPI Goldeneye from James Bond Collection. This beautiful nail polish isn't mine, it belongs to my cousin and I asked her to swatch it and since I have Sally Hansen Gilded Lily I figured I could make a little comparison because these two nail polishes look exactly the same. 
You can see my swatch of Gilded Lily here. OPI Goldeneye is shimmery golden nail polish, very pretty and I would say unique but that statement falls down because of Sally Hansen Gilded Lily. However, this is a beautiful and eye catching color. It is appropriate for anytime of year and any occasion, but I think it will be truly amazing for the summer!

Here are both polishes side by side...

As you can see they look exactly the same, if they are different that is completely negligible and I would say that they are 100 % dupes. The bottles are almost the same size ( Sally Hansen is 14.7 ml; OPI is 15 ml ). The only thing that is different is that Goldeneye is a little bit thicker then Gilded Lily but that doesn't affect  application and opacity.

Pretty Little Liars and Bunheads - end of season

Pretty Little Liars ended Season 3 few days ago. I was never a big fan of the show because I always have a feeling that the plot is going nowhere but somehow I got interested after summer finale and Halloween episode. I can even say that I enjoyed most episodes and I thought that we might actually get some answers. That didn't happen and after all build up there was a disappointing finale of the season. Second part of the season was good. There was few surprises and the plot got very complicated but interesting. In the last episode of the season where they were supposed to give us some answers, but they only mixed up everything little  bit more and the big questions remain unanswered. I get that this is a mystery show and that we will always have some questions but the part I don't like is that it always seams that the writers avoid to revile important things. Sometimes it gets pretty annoying that every single character is a suspect and that we never know anything for sure. First everything was about black hoodie , after they ( kind of  ) revealed that everything is about red coat. I wonder for how long this can go on...Imagine that after season 6 or 7 nobody knows who is -A or A-team, is Alison alive and why is someone torturing the girls in first place. I don't think a lot who could be behind everything because literally anyone could be the killer or -A but what I would like to know is the story and explanation behind it.  

Bunheads is completely different TV show from Pretty Little Liars. I really love this one because it is so relaxing and it reminds me of Gilmore Girls. Bunheads started last summer and their first season continued at the beginning of the year. I love how everything was going on and I'm looking forward to season 2. This is something I can watch with a smile on my face with likable characters and leisurely atmosphere. I like that the second part of the season got little bit deeper and there was more attention on characters and their relations. If you looking to watch something happy and positive, this is your TV show!

Do you watch PLL and / or Bunheads?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Essence Hello Marshmallow!, Miss Universe and Prom-Berry

Essence came up with few new nail polish shades for spring. I have three of them ( on the first picture ) : Hello Marshmallow!, Prom-Berry and Miss Universe. It seams to me that Essence changed the formula. Whatever they did I love it, application and formula of these nail polishes is great. As usual I applied 2 coats for full opacity. 

Hello Marshmallow!

Hello Marshmallow is beautiful pastel purple, this is great for spring but since I really love pastels this will be the one I will wear the most from three polishes I have here. If you look at the picture very carefully you can see there is very nice blue and rosy shimmer. Application and formula are great!

Miss Universe

Miss Universe was  the shade I knew I will reach for when I saw first press photos. This is also shimmery nail polish, this one has loads of green and blue shimmer. On my pictures it turns out more blue but reality is that this is more green then blue. Miss Universe reminds me on Essence Choose Me a little bit but they are not the same at all, a bit similar but far away from being dupes. This one didn't apply as easy as Hello Marshmallow! because the formula is little bit ticker but it is not bad at all.


The last one is Prom-Berry, this is the one I wouldn't buy by myself but my boyfriend chose it for me. I almost never wear dark purple on my nails and to tell you the truth I wasn't very excited to try Prom-Berry. But, this one has great formula and it looks so pretty on my nails. It is shiny and it has a micro shimmer which is not that visible but I guess that what is makes it so beautiful. Purple nail polishes usually don't cooperate with my camera and they always turn out blue on my pictures, this one was no exception. So, imagine it exactly like on picture above but instead of blue imagine purple.

Did you tried new Essence nail polishes?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Born pretty Store review: 12 colors nail art glitter powder

Few days ago I posted a review of one Born Pretty Store product I received and today I will show you the second product I got. It is a 12 colors nail art glitter powder acrylic UV gel. If you follow my blog you could already see that I'm huge glitter fan and you can see that it is not a surprise that I chose this product. So, there is 12 pots filed with glitter. I like that there is good variety of colors and I'm sure it will be fun to do some nail art with these. The colors are: purple ( light and dark ), silver, yellow, green, orange, red, blue, gold, pink, white and black.

Today I tried the glitter on my nails for the first time. First I applied Essence Party Princess and then I sponged Essence Ahoy, Essence Stamp Me! Silver, Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever and I added a top coat. After everything dried I applied clear top coat again but this time only in the middle over white and silver and I applied white glitter. It was easy to work with it and I'm happy with the end result. When I applied the glitter I took a piece of paper to work over it because that way is easier to put excess glitter back into the pot.

When I received the glitter I remembered I have few Miss Selene  nail polishes with clear base and heart / star glitter. I don't use them because it is almost impossible to apply glitter on my nails because the amount of glitter inside is too small...

I added red and light and darker purple glitter inside and it looks much  better. Now I have to to the same thing with few other Miss Selene polishes that I have. Next time I will use powder and some different size glitter and I will finally start using these polishes. When I do that I will definitely post some pictures :D Here is how the above nail polish looks now:

If you decide to shop at Born Pretty Store you can use code DCL91 to get 10% off.

Do you like glitter powder nail art?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Preview: Catrice LE Geometrix

There is more news from Cosnova, this time is Catrice and new Limited Edition Geometrix which is available from April and May 2013.  The collection is inspired by geometry and colors of the collection are red, blue, orange and yellow. Geometrix contains: eyeshadow palette, translucent mattifying powder, kabuki brush, mascara, blush papers, matte lip creams and nail polishes. Looking at the press photos I'm not very excited about this collection, but who knows I might change my mind when I see everything in person. I think that mascara will be something I will check out and those blush papers just because I wonder how they work exactly. What do you think about Geometrix?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OPI Stay The Night

I was thinking a lot should I order OPI Stay The Night from OPI Mariah Carey collection. The color seamed nice, black with glitter - something I really love and plus this nail polish is liquid sand and that seams to be the thing everybody is talking about lately. 
After I first saw it in person, in the bottle it didn't look anything special but I fell in love with it the second it dried of on my nails. This is definitely a unique nail polish in my collection and I'm more then happy that I decided to buy it. I love the liquid sand effect, I like the fact that this polish it is black and that it is matte. What makes Stay The Night really special for me is the red glitter. I adore this matte and sparkly combination. I applied two coats for full opacity. I saw that some girls applied three coats but with short nails you can get away with two.
I already saw some preview photos of new OPI collections with new liquid sand colors and all I can say is that they looks stunning! Also, I like this liquid sand trend at least when it comes to OPI. I saw some other brands with their liquid sand polishes and some look great and some I would rather pass. 

Here are two more photos of Stay The Night with flash:

What do you think about liquid sand effect?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Born Pretty Store review: Nail art striping tape

After my last Born Pretty Store review they asked me to review two more products of my choice. First product I chose and the one I will show you today is Color line nail art striping tape design lines. I received one striping tape in color pink. ( On picture bellow you can see other colors they have. ) When striping tapes became popular I wasn't very interested in them but after seeing sooo many beautiful manicures with striping tapes I decided to give it a try!

When striping tape arrived I was in the middle of Once Upon A Time nail art challenge and I decided that the perfect time for the tape was when I had gradient manicure. So after I had gradient manicure for one day I decided to use a striping tape and black nail polish. Good thing was that since I already worn my mani for a day I could be completely sure that my mani is dry which is required for any kind of tape manicures. There are two ways to use striping tape, one is that you place the tape on your nails, cut the excess and leave it that way. The other way, which is much more interesting to me is what I did. All you have to do is paint your nails any way you want, wait for polish to dry completely, place a tape ( don't forget to cut the pieces first )  go over it with another nail polish, in my case black and while the polish is still wet remove the tape. It is the best to do one nail at the time because you have to make sure that you remove the top tape first.

I love how this technique looks combined with gradient manicure. I did every nail differently and I placed 2-3 tapes on each nail.

I'm sure I will use the tape again because I like how easy but effective my manicure was. I will probably do it again this way and what is also great is that I can have a mani for a day or two and then when I get tired of it or it starts to chip I can do a makeover with the tape! 
At Born Pretty Store you can find the striping tape and so many other nail art tools. If you find something you like and decide to place a order you can use code DCL91 to get 10% off.

Did you tried nail art striping tape? How do you use it?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Preview: Essence Pure Skin and Show Me Your Feet

Essence has a design relaunch and some new products from their Pure Skin and Show Me Your Feet line. Of course I'm looking forward to some Show Me Your Feet nail polishes because I see some amazing new colors! New products and designs should be available from April 2013.

Pure Skin 

Pure Skin line includes two new products Essence Pure Skin Anti-Shine Pore Refining Serum and Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Cover Cream

Show Me Your Feet

There will be two new products Essence SMYF Super-Soft Toe Separator and Essence SMYF Soft Dry Shoe Pads. Also there will be few new nail polishes!

New: Electric Blue; Pink Candy; Kiss Of The Mermaid and Mint & Cream

Old: Divalicous Red;  Catwalk Pink; Flamingo Rosa and Miss Lavender 

 Do you like the new design? Is there any product you would like to try?

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