Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Empty #28

L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss, L'oreal Elseve Color Glanze shampoo and L'oreal mini conditioner - these are products that I always go back to and you can see them in my empties a lot.

Today lavander and yin & yan shower gel - this first time I used this brand of shower gel and I like it very much. The smell is amazing but only down side could be the texture. It is very, very dense so this bottle was used up much quicker then usual.

Balea Vanilla & Coconut shower gel - I like this one as usual, the scent is nice, typical Balea.

Balea Papaya and Buttermilk liquid soap - one of new liquid soaps which I will  not repurchase because I don't like its scent.

Dove Original deo spray - The best and my ultimate favorite!

Hipp sensitive washing lather - this is actually product for kids. We used in my home instead our usual soap and my daughter was ( and still is ) crazy about it. It looks fun so kids love it and I like the quality because it is very gentle to the skin.

Essence Smile You're Pretty hand balm - I always loved Essence limited edition hand balms. Same thing with this one. It applies easily, absorbs quickly, it's nurturing. Also smells nice and looks really cute.

Catrice  Nude Illusion liquid foundation - very good product, I already talked about it here . I have to mention that except that this is very good product I think this is the first time that I had a product with the pump and that I used up completely. Pumps are very practical but there is always at least little bit of product left on the bottom of the bottle that you can't reach, well not this time. So, thumps up!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Essece Juice It! :Orange Is The New Black + You're One In A Melon

Today I want to show you my swatches of two Essence nail polishes from Juice It! trend edition. They are two fruity jellys. I love the colors, especially Orange Is The New black but I really wish they are cream instead of jelly. They would be perfect if they had full coverage without visible nail line. But it is what it is... 

Orange Is The New Black is my favorite from two nail polishes, I adore the color. Like I said if it was cream it would be perfect orange in my opinion. Something in between from pastel to bright. On photo bellow I have two coats. Application was easy and it dries quickly.

You're One In A Melon is a beautiful melon pink. Again, great color but not my favorite formula. However I believe I will reach for it during summer. I have two coats, nail polish dries quickly and applies easily.

Did you tried Juicy It! trend edition? Do you like jelly nail polishes?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Treacle Moon shower gels

Treacle Moon is one of my favorite shower gel brands. I discovered them few years ago while looking on other blogs and I found them on my trip to Germany. Now they are available in Croatia as well so it is easier for me to find them. I'm using them regularly since first time I tried them. Treacle Moon is sold in in 500 ml bottles which are double of product then the most shower gels so they last for long time. You can also find small, travel sizes which are 60 and 100 ml. 

Most Treacle Moon shower gels come in fruity scent but there are other as well ( mostly floral ). I love the scents, I tried so many and honestly love them all. Some more then other but I was never disappointed. Even when they didn't smell so good in the bottle they were great in the shower when I was actually using them ( My Coconut Island for example). 

The bottles look very nice but they are probably familiar because few other brands have the same thing. Big bottle, bright product, interesting name and cute description of the scent. All of them have flip flop cap which is easy to work with.

The texture of the gel is very nice and creamy. It goes outside of the bottle easily, there is right amount of product and it is easy to wash your skin with it.

I always look forward to new scents because I really want them all and I plan to continue using them in future, Did you tried Treacle Moon shower gels?
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