Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nail art: White and pink leopard

I wanted leopard print on my nails...but I wanted to try it with colors I wouldn't usually use. In the end my pick was white and pink. They turn out good in the end, very girly :) If you want attention to your nails go with white base leopard because there is no way that somebody will miss them...When I think about leopard nails and colors, black and white is somehow always on my mind. Maybe I will try it, but then again maybe it is too much and instead of white I try it with grey base color....because these white and pink nails are really cute but in same time they are screaming ( if you know what I mean )...and I'm not sure that I want to use white as a base again. In the end I'm glad I tried this because I wanted something crazy, cute and unusual on my nails and with this leopard print that is exactly what I got :D

What I used:
Essence White Hype, Catrice Sweets For My Sweets, Avon Warm Black, Manhattan Pro Shine top coat and Essence dotting tool


  1. hello there I love you nails.

  2. fantastiča manikura, skroz mi se sviđa :-D
    a na mišu sam totalno ljubomorna, oću i ja takvog... samo mislim da bi me sin zadavija kad bih nešto takvo stavila na komp, ipak je to zajednička imovina lol

  3. They are super cute! And I love your Hello Kitty mouse! :D


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