Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catrice The Paris Collection

The palette I am using the most lately is Catrice The Paris Collection, it is part of Catrice Big City Life LE which contains eye and cheek palettes and nail polishes. I have Paris palette and nail polish. Both of them are  neutral, everyday colors. I still haven't tried nail polish on my nails but as soon as I try it update this post. What I did tried is the palette, which I'm using almost everyday since I got it. I love the colors, everything I need is on one place which is great for me right now because I'm not at home and this is great for traveling. Beside the eyeshadows and blushes, there is also kajal and applicator. Each eyeshadow contain 1.5 g and each blus contains 2,5 g.
The packing for Paris palette looks great:

Six eyeshadow shades, two blushes look like this:

Eyeshadow swatches:

Moulin Rouge blush:

Arc De Triomphe blush:

I would recommend this palette to anyone who likes subtle or neutral eye look, The Paris Collection palette has everything you need six beautiful eyeshadow shades and two beautiful blushes. So if you can find this thing don't think twice!
Do you like Catrice Big City Life limited edition? Did you catch anything?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Swatch: Essence Fantasia TE - Queen Of My Cloud Castle nail polish and lip lacquer

Few days ago I came to Germany and of course one of first things I did was going around drugstores. All the limited editions stands were empty and there was nothing new. But today was a different story so I picked up few things. Two of them were nail polish and lip gloss from newest Essence Trend Edition Fantasia, they share the same name -  Queen Of My Cloud Castle. Nail polish is on my nails right now and I love it very much. The color is very beautiful, coral with loads of pink and gold shimmer.To me this color looks very summery but since I like bright colors like this one I don't have any problem wearing it anytime. The brush is little bit thinner then the ones we got from Essence lately and the formula is a bit thick but there were no major problems with application. As always I applied 2 coats. The bottle contains 10 ml of product. 

Another thing I picked up was lip lacquer. Beautiful color, bright but subtle enough for any occasion. Applies easily, contains 4 ml of product. Love it!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miranda Kerr street style

For past few days I have trouble uploading my own photos to my blog, I don't know what is the reason for that but it is what kept me away from posting. Hopefully everything will resolve soon because I have few swatches and reviews to show you. Until then let's talk about something else. I love Miranda Kerr and her street style and to tell you the truth I have post like this on my mind for a very long time.
Miranda Kerr is not only stunning and beautiful Victoria's Secret Angel she is also very known for her amazing style. She is great on red carper but my favorite is to see her street style. She is always fashionable and interesting and she always manages to look great and you don't have a feeling that she is trying too hard. She looks so great and simple wearing animal print or leather which is something that not everyone can pull off. I'm always glad to see picture of her on the internet because I'm always curious to see what is she wearing. Even the simple skinny jeans and white blouse look amazing on her. 
What do you think about Miranda Kerr's style? Do you like it?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sally Hansen Lady Luck

Sally Hansen Lady Luck is beautiful nail polish from collection Gem Crush. I've been drooling about it since I first saw it and I was so happy when I did a swap and realized that it could be mine. As you can see this is a glitter nail polish, the color is dark fuchsia with bigger holo glitter. The base is clear but with two coats of this nail polish you can get full opacity. It is soooo beautiful and sparkly, it is perfect for fall and for holidays. One of my favorite right now!

What is your favorite nail polish or nail polish color right now?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Preview: Catrice Siberian Call

There is another Catrice limited edition for December 2012 and January 2013 called Siberian Call. Looking at the press photos there are few things I like and I can't wait to see them in person. For now two blushes and purple nail polish are my favorites. Siberian Call contains: cream to powder blushes, lip topcoat, lip creams, eyeshadows and nail polishes. What do you think about this limited edition?

Most interesting part of this collection are two blushes - The creamy texture is applied in a light and powdery manner. No shimmer.

Coral -al -al -al; Rose's Wood

Sky And Snow; Rest In The Forest; Coral -al -al -al; Firetracker

Here, Take Your Gear

I'm A Greydreamer

Rose's Wood

Rest In Forest

The Calm Call; I'm A Greydreamer

Sky And Snow; Rest In The Forest; Coral -al -al -al

Preview: Catrice LE NEONaturals

Catrice limited edition for December 2012 and January 2013 contains six neon and six nude nail polishes and nail art kit. For now I'm not very excited about this collection but I am looking forward to see neon polishes in person. Since I am a sucker for anything bright I will probably buy at least one. :D Do you see anything you like?

Little Miss Sunshine; For Bright Guys

Mr. Brightsight; Mrs. Brightsight

Bright, Brighter & Brightest ; On The Bright Side Of Life

Be Naturally Crazy; Be Natural

Makes Me Smile; Enjoy Me

Have A Good Day; Natural Is Calling

Nail art kit

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