Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Essence Ready For Boarding: Beauty On Tour lip and cheek creme and Via Airmail! nail polish

The same day I saw essence Snow White Trend Edition I saw Ready For Boarding Trend Edition as well. I bought two products simply because I have no self control when it comes to limited editions, nice looking displays and nice looking products.  I picked up lip & cheek cream Beauty On Tour and nail polish Via Airmail! I didn't plan to pick up anything but you know me...

Beauty On Tour lip & cheek cream is one of two available colors. This one is coral and it really is something I can wear on my lips and on my cheeks. The color is very pretty and summer appropriate. When I apply it on my lips I apply few layers and I get beautiful lip color which will be great for summer days. As the name of the product says it is very creamy, feels like I'm wearing lip balm and it is very comfortable which is my favorite thing when it comes to lip products. 
When I apply Beauty On Tour on my cheeks I only need small amount of product and I get natural look. I think I will mostly use it during the day. It is long lasting, it blends easily and it is very wearable. 
Beauty On Tour  has no shimmer which is another great thing about this product. The pot contains 2,5 g

The nail polish I picked up is Via Airmail! Beautiful color, creamy finish, applies easily and it contains 8 ml of product. This color looks a lot like Essence Chuck but this one is just a little bit lighter. Later today I layered Prince Charming over and they look really great together ( unfortunately I don't have pictures right now ).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Essence Snow White: The Huntsman, Prince Charming and nail file

Few days ago I saw Essence Snow White display. I grabbed two glitter nail polishes and the next day I saw the display again and I couldn't resist to nail file. Snow White Trend Edition has the cutest display I seen in a while, all nail polishes look very tempting but in the end I succeed to stick to only two nail polishes. 
Both The Huntsman and prince Charming are special effect toppers and they contain 10 ml of product.

The Huntsman is golden glitter topper with micro, hex and shredded glitter in clear base. I think that this is the first time that Essence has shredded glitter in their nail polishes and I hope that The Huntsman will not be the only one. 
Prince Charming is silver holo glitter with larger blue glitter in clear base. Looks very pretty and it will be interesting to combine it with blue nail polishes. 
Here is how The Huntsman and Prince Charming look over black nail polish with 1 coat and how the look alone with 2 coats:

Both nail polishes have wide brush, the brush is exactly the same as new Catrice brushes (and the bottles are the same as Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer too). Application was easy but it took some time for polishes to dry.

Nail file

To tell you the truth the reason why I bought nail file is because I'm sucker for packing. This looks so, so cute and I had to have it! However the nail file seams to be good and I'm sure it will serve me very well. On the picture above you can see both sides of the nail file. One side of the file is will help to shorten your nails and the other side will help you shape them. 

Do you like Snow White Trend Edition? Do you have your favorites?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Get to know me tag

I was tagged by Chiribella. The idea of the tag is to write 7 things about yourself and tag 6 bloggers. This time I will only write 7 things about me and I will not tag anyone because I tagged so many people recently.

Here we go!

1. I love flowers, roses are probably my favorite. 

2. I wish that I was good in drawing. I'm always little bit envy at people who are good at it. Whenever I have pen and paper in my hands I like to draw a little but simple flowers and hearts are as far as I can
3. When I see episode of friends on TV I know exactly what will happen...I've seen all of them soooo many times and I know I will watch them many more times. 

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4. I'm a quiet person, I don't like conflicts but sometimes I'm easily upset ( or annoyed - that would maybe be a better word )...haha.
5. I love dots!! I like them on clothes, on walls, on boxes, on mugs, on nails...everywhere!
6. I don't like change but I know to adjust very well.
7. Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Loveee him!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nails: pink and orange flowers

For today's mani I decided to go with flowers! I usually use nail stickers when I want flower design on my nails but this time I decided to draw them myself. I used the biggest nail dotting tool and draw five dots, then I used small dotting tool for center of the flower and some random dots. This is the first time I tried this and honestly I thought that it will be more difficult and little bit messy, but no! This is the easiest thing to do, and I think that flower nail stickers are history for me. This is so much more fun!

For the base color I used Essence White Secret. This one is little bit sheer so I applied 3 coats. For the flowers I used Sinful Colors Boom Boom, P2 Electirc and S-he 393.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My nail polish stash: blue...

Today I will continue with my nail polish stash posts. I will show you my blue polishes. I'm not big blue nail polish fan but as the time goes by I love them more and more and every now and then I find the one I really need in my collection  So I decided that is time to stop saying that blue is not my color...and just go with it.

Essence Speed Of Light Blue- from Essence You Rock trend edition. One of my favorites, the color is very pretty and delicate. Looks beautiful at any time of year. Speed Of Light Blue was very popular when it came out because it is a dupe for Chanel Riva.
Maybelline Party Blue - pastel blue, also very nice. When I bought this one I was in a search for perfect light blue nail polishes. Party Blue is very pretty but between this one and Essence Speed Of Light Blue I'm would choose Essence.
Essence BBC Chasing Waves - from Bondi Beach trend edition. I love this color, to me this is a light blue but most people see it as minty green. However one of my favorite summer nail polishes.
Essence Forget-Me-Not - from Blossoms etc. trend edition. Forget-Me-Not is one of those colors that I really like but when I wear it something isn't working. Maybe is just my skin tone but I prefer this nail polish in the bottle or with some other colors. Not alone.
Catrice Up In The Air - It caught my attention immediately but same as Forget-Me-Not, beautiful color but I don't like to wear it very often.

Essence BBC Splash Refresh - from Bondi Beach trend edition. Perfect summer color, I love it!! Blue with green undertone, reminds me on sea. Creamy finish.
S-he 399 - From all the nail polishes I will show you today this one is the first one that I bought. I like the color but it is very sheer and it takes at least 3 coats to get the coverage.
Essence Pool Party - Very beautiful and very shimmery. Silver shimmer in blue nail polish looks great, especially in the sun. Love it!
Essence Blue Ray from holografics@com trend edition. This is not a holo nail polish, it is duochrome but very pretty. It goes from blue to purple and looks very nice.
Basic Beauty nr.66 - This is one of those in your face blues with metallic finish. If I remember correctly this is my second blue nail polish. I don't wear it a lot but time to time I really like having it on my nails.

Essence Chuck - My favorite blue nail polish. Amazing color, creamy finish.
Essence Into The Dark - from Vampire's Love trend edition. Darker blue with loads of silver glitter. Very pretty, perfect for cold days.
P2 Black Pearl - from Black Deluxe limited edition. One of my favorites. Black based nail polish with loads of blue glitter, together they make beautiful dark blue.
Essence Confetteria from Crazy Good Times trend edition. Blue nail polish with a lot of blue and orange/bronze glitter.
Essence Blue Addicted - Another blue based nail polish with a lot blue and green glitter. Blue Addicted can be worn alone but you will need 3 coats, with 1 coat over some other nail polish looks great too. One thing I hate about this nail polish is the application, very hard to apply it.

That would be it from my blue nail polishes. Next will probably be green. Which is your favorite? Do you like blue nail polishes?

There is one thing I forgat to mention in my last post. I will divide my nail polishes by color but I will exclude glitter and cracking nail polishes and post them separately. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Preview: Essence TE Miami Roller Girl

Essence Trend Edition for June and August 2012 is called Miami Roller Girl. Inspired by summer, beach and of course Miami. The collection contains eyeshadows, blush, lip balms, hair extensions and nail polishes.

Bienvenido a Miami

Vice, Vice Baby

Miami P'ink

Dates on skates

Miami Heath Closed; Miami P'ink Closed

 Bienvenido A Miami; Miami Heath; Miami P'ink

Bienvenido A Miami; Miami Heath

Miami P'ink; Four Wheel Drive

Friday, June 15, 2012

Euro 2012 fan nails

For the first time I decided to make fan nail art. The task wasn't difficult because I have Essence image plate with pattern that works perfectly for Croatian fan nail art. However my ending result wasn't the best but I think I can get away with it. My base color is Essence Ahoy! and the red nail polish I used for stamping is P2  Open Your Heart.

Now I will also show you my manicure from Sunday. I actually wanted to make the mani I have now but I had crazy day and I didn't have time to remove Basic Beauty Nr.57 and make completely new manicure so I just added S-he white cracking top coat. I already tried S-he cracking top coat and everything was great with it but at Sunday weird thing happened. It cracked very well but as I applied it on my nails it seam like it was melting. Even the brush got some red color on it, I had to clean it with nail polish remover...You can see it if you look at my ring and index finger. I don't know why did this happen, did you experienced some thing like that?

Do you watch Euro 2012? Do you like to do fan nail art?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My nail polish stash: white, sand, cream, yellow...

For a while I wanted to post my nail polish stash but since I'm too lazy to post my hole stash at once I will make few separate posts. I will divide my posts by color. I was thinking about dividing my nail polishes by brand but I think this way is better because now we will be able to see how similar or how different my nail polishes are. I have to admit this will be very helpful to me. Hopefully I won't find too many dupes in my collection, I already know that I have some but I think it is not much. For some people my stash will look very big, for some small, for some usual...I've seen much, much bigger and smaller collections then mine. When I look at mine I think I have too many nail polishes but in the same time there is always something on my wish list.
On the pictures bellow you will see bottles and swatches on nail wheel, hope it won't be confusing but if you have any questions or suggestions just let me know. Click on the picture to enlarge.

I going to start with white. I have few white nail polishes and mostly I'm using them as base color and for nail art. 
Essence White Hype - from Black and White trend edition. This one has matte finish and it is my absolute favorite white polish when it comes to nail art. 
Essence Ahoy! - from 50's Girls Reloaded trend edition. I like this one very much, it is shiny and it is great for nail art which was main reason why I bought it. With 2 coats you get full opacity.
Essence White Secret - little bit sheer, you need at least 2-3 coats...only used it as a base for nail art.
Essence Pro White French - very similar to White Secret but even more sheer. I think it would be good for french manicure, I never tried it like that...only as a base.
Essence Prismatic White - from trend edition. If you think that this one has holo finish you are wrong - it is douchrome. It looks very nice alone but I prefer colors on my nails, so another nail art polish.

Miss Sporty - I have this one for so long that I don't even know it's name. It has douchrome finish and it looks very nice in the bottle but it is very sheer on the nail.
Avon Pale Gold - Another douchrome. I adore it, even though the color is light I like to wear it alone not just as base because the color is stunning.
Max factor Whispering Ivory - beautiful color with a lot of shimmer. My only Max Factor nail polish.
Rimmel Rose Petal - I have it for long, long time. Great for french mani and great base nail polish.

Essence Irreplaceable - gorgeous color of sand with golden shimmer. Very pretty. 
Essence Mother Earth Is Watching You - from Natventurista trend edition. I like to wear this one when I'm get tired of bright colors...beautiful natural sand shade with silver shimer.
Essence Cut Off The Beige - from You Rock trend edition. Very similar to MEIWY but just a little bit darker and instead of silver there is golden shimmer. I bought this one first and sometimes I wonder do I really need MEIWY but since I like them both I guess I have to say Yes!
Avon Color Trend Cafe Au Lait - the bottle is almost empty but I haven't used it in a long time, probably because I have it for years.

Essence My Yellow Fellow - from Blossoms etc. trend edition. My favorite yellow nail polish. Pastel with golden shimmer. Stunning!!
Essence Mellow Yellow - very similar shade to MYF but this one has no shimmer, just nice creamy finish. 
Essence Sundancer - this is one of nail polishes that I got from my boyfriend. I use this color only in combination with other colors.
S-he 393 - almost the same as Sundancer but just little bit darker. Not my favority shade of yellow but works for nail art.
Julep Blake - looks a lot like Essence Mellow Yellow but this one is more shiny. Other then that I think they could be dupes. I really love this shade of yellow so I don't mind.

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