Saturday, January 31, 2015

New in - January 2015

It is last day of January and perfect time to look at this month's new in. I will start with Lush. I had my eye on their Christmas products and I waited their sale. On the pic above you can see all the products me and my cousin ordered. I ordered: Snow Fairy and So White shower gels, Gold Fun, Yog Nog and Reindeer Rock soaps ( click here ). She ordered: Snow Fairy shower gel, Snow Fairy Sparkle massage bar and Little Snow Fairy gift set ( it contains mini Snow Fairy gel and Pink Fun ). As you can see Snow Fairy was on fire :D

Some Catrice products will be discontinued and Photo Finish liquid foundation is one of them, I picked up mine on sale. I also picked up Essence Rose In Wonderland ( click here ).

Of course I have Balea products but I have to say that lately I've been good girl and I bought only two products: shower gel and liquid soap.

I was good when it comes to Balea but I got carried away when it comes to brushes. I got 20 of them :D I bought them on ebay and you can expect a post dedicated to them :)

In the end I have gift that I got from my Snow Fairy cousin, it is Figs & Rouge lip butter. No scent and no color but feels great on the lips and it is very moisturizing. After only one application my dry lips are nice and soft. Great product! This lip butter really makes me wonder about their other products!

Did you tried any of these products?


  1. Veselim se citati o kistovima, to su mi uvijek korisni postovi. Ulov iz lusha je divan!
    Joj da je bar vise ovakvih bezmirisno bezokusnih mazalica za usne koje dobro njeguju :(

  2. Super new in, mamiš me da oden u šoping ccc :D Super mi izgledaju kistovi i essence lak, a i sve ostalo xD :D

  3. I have a set of brushes from eBay, they are blue - they are really good! The big flat-top Kabuki is pretty good, I like it as much as my Sigma one. Great post!

  4. Trebaju mi novi kistovi, molim post i linkove na ebay :D

  5. Post o kistovima dolazi za koji dan ;)


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