Friday, January 16, 2015

Beauty tricks with baby powder

There are a lot of baby products that adults like to use. Creams, oils, shampoos and the one that got a lot of my attention lately - baby powder. It smells nice, it comes in large size ( usually 100 g of product ) and it is affordable. Many people don't know in how many ways it can be used. Beside being baby product it can also be beauty product and it can be handy around the house.

Set your makeup with baby powder.
This is something I tried and it works great. For a while I used it instead of translucent powder and it worked perfectly. Just apply small amount on your brush and apply to your face. You can also use an empty pot and pore baby powder into it to make things easier. 

Replace your dry shampoo
If you have a bad hair day and your hair is greasly, baby powder can be your quick solution. You can use it instead of dry shampoo, apply a small amount with powder brush, blend it and you are good to go.

Out of deodorant? Use baby powder
Baby powder will absorb the moist and it also smells nice.

Ease waxing pain or use it after shave
Baby powder will ease waxing pain, apply baby powder before waxing and it is good to use it as after shave as well. It will calm your sensitive skin a little bit.

Pump your eyelashes
Use your old mascara wand or cotton swab to apply baby powder on your lashes. First apply one coat of mascara, then apply baby powder and few coats of mascara.

Avoid dark eyeshadow fallouts
Apply it under your eyes before applying dark eyeshadow on your lids. When your makeup is done make sure to blend out all the baby powder.

There are also many random ways to use it. To untangle your necklaces, freshen up your shoes or your old books, also you can absorb grease on stains on your clothes. Baby powder is definitely a product that can be useful and it is good to have it around. 

Did you used baby powder like this? Do you have tricks with baby powder to share?


  1. I don't like baby powder that much, the scent and the powder itself makes me sneez-y LOL but I HAVE to use it before waxing, it makes it so much easier and cleaner and less painful! Great tips!

    1. A lot of people hate the smell but I like it :)


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