Friday, January 29, 2016

Wishlist #4

Time for another wishlist. I still didn't cross off everything from my last wishlist but I am positive that I will :)  Anyway, here are my new additions :)

Catrice Even Skin Tone liquid foundation
I love Catrice foundations and as soon as I finish my two current bottles ( Velvet Finish and Nude Illusion ) this is next one I want to try!

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz
I want this one and four more I Heart Chocolate palettes, there is five total but  I already have I Heart Chocolate. I want them all!! They were already part of my wishlist :)

Loreal Exclusive Collection
Julianne, you will be mine one day!

Bourjois Rouge Addition Velvet
I can't believe that I don't have any of these in my collection, hopefully that will change soon.

OPI Charmmy & Sugar
Two gorgeous nail polishes from OPI Hello Kitty Collection.

OPI Starry Eyed For Dear Daniel

Givenchy Eau Demoiselle
On my wishlist for years but I will not give up!!

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

Lancaster Sol Da Bahia

Jennifer Lopez Deseo

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Good Wife

Most of my shows are still on winter break so I always like to use that time to catch up with some shows or to start watching something new. I am so, so happy that this time I decided to go with new show for me, The Good Wife! I am soooo hooked! I've heard about this show back in 2009 when it started and since that it was on my watch list. But you know how it many shows, so little time. Now during this season break I suddenly started and I can't get enough of it. Today I will probably start with third season!!

First thing that attracted me to The Good Wife was the cast. Mostly Julianna Margulles who I love and remember form ER and one and only Mr.Big Chris Noth. They are both amazing and I have to admit that I thought that it will be very strange to see Chris in this role, but he is great. Also the rest of the cast is pretty amazing too. Another fun thing was that in each episode in season 1 I recognized at least one actor that I remember from some other show and that is always amusing for me.
Next thing that got me interested in this show was positive feedback from many people so I always had my eye on it. Now that I know the story and characters as well I will recommend it to most of my friends and interned friends :)

The Good Wife is drama with Alicia Florrick in spotlight. As you can guess Alicia is the good wife.She was a housewife but after public humiliation and her husband's sex scandal she goes back to work, after 13 years. She is working as a lawyer and she has to learn how to live this new life, which is bringing her so many new challenges. She has to support her family, her old friends give up on her, one of her bosses is her ex boyfriend and her husband is in jail. Interesting plot don't you think?
Right now The Good Wife is on season 7 and that makes me happy because there is so many episodes left for me to watch! If you don't already watch The Good Wife I hope you will and if you do share your thoughts with me ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Maybelline White Splatter ( + Sally Hansen Pinch Of Punch )

I didn't bought a lot of nail polish last few months but the one I did bought was Maybelline Color Show White Splatter. White Splatter is a top coat with different size white and blue glitter, there is mostly hex glitter but also bar glitter. I love white glitter top coats, they look so cute with any color combo.

This time I used Sally Hansen Pinch Of Punch as a base color and I added one coat of White Splatter. As you can see there is nice amount of glitter and it is easy to apply it. Another plus side of Maybelline White Splatter is that it dries very fast. I can't wait for another color combination :)

Do you like glitter nail polishes?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lush Fun

I am one year late with this post. I bought Lush Gold and Pink Fun last year and had this post in draft for so long. I wasn't very impressed with it so I was too lazy to do this post but since Lush Christmas sale is still on, it is the right time to finally publish this post and share my thoughts with you.

These two products were among other Lush products that I ordered on last year's Lush sale. Fun wasn't something I wanted that much but I was curious about it and decided it would be nice to try it! Well, Lush Fun is everything but fun. It is a good idea about one product that has multiple use: showering, bath, hair wash and for fun, meaning you can make it any shape you like. My first impression was good. Gold Fun smells amazing with beautiful long lasting scent. ( It smells like popular Honey I Washed The Kids soap. ) I could even go over the fact that I'm not the biggest fun of the way you use this thing: you take small amount of product, mix it with water and you use it for your body, hands or hair. I prefer my products in the bottle or solid. Something that is easier to use. I had a problem with Gold Fun, it is too soft and it constantly loses it's shape and it is almost impossible to store it. It just doesn't want to stay in shape it came, it's like it is melting and it is a real mess. So now I have to keep it in the fridge. This is the reason that I honestly dislike this product, I did try to shower with it and it is very good, like most of Lush products but the thing is that I can't keep it in my bathroom and I don't like that. I did try to keep small amount in tin but again, it was so messy that I gave up on this product.

Pink Fun on the other hand doesn't have the same problem but I just don't like to use it. The only reason is Gold Fun. Pink Fun stays in shape, it is not melting and it is much easier to use it. It has nice, candy smell. If I ever use up this product it will probably be if I wash my hands with it because I'm pretty much annoyed with it, Gold Fun ruined it for me.

Did you tried Lush Fun? Have you ever hated one product and didn't want to use other products from the same line because of it?
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