Monday, April 29, 2013

Insanity all the way!

For a long while I was thinking about posting about Insanity workout.  A year and half ago I first heard about it and it took me a while to actually start exercise and since I would like to do the program all over again I decided to write about it because this might be motivation that I need right now. Here is my experience with Beach body Insanity workout! I finished my 63 day Insanity program somewhere in July last year but I will start from beginning. Insanity is 63 day workout program. It is divided into 3 parts: month 1, recovery week and month 2. Every two weeks you need to do the Fit test, write down your results and you can see your improvement. Insanity is made by Shaun T who will give you instructions and motivate you, it is important to listen what he is saying to do the exercise properly. Also no matter what you need to do the warm up and only thing you need is little bit of space, your body and lots of water! Nothing else!

About 1,5 ago my boyfriend and I were surfing the internet and we found about Insanity. We started to watch different YouTube clips about it and we were seriously hooked. It was easy to see that if I ever try to actually workout it will be really hard for me and I probably won't be able to do most of the exercise.The reason was very simple. I was completely out of shape. I had few attempts of " Me and my girls are going tho the gym and we are serious this time" but every time we would give up after a month or so. Not to mention that we were more than happy about it. You can say that workout was a strange word to me.

First time I turned the Insanity videos on I turned them off few minutes later because there was no way I'm willing to do that. Then I was thinking I should just try it for at least 10 min just to start something, but everything ended 3 minutes later when I decided that Insanity is too hard for me. After that I easily forgot about the hole thing. During last winter I gain few kg and I wanted to do something about it. As always I had bunch of reasons why I shouldn't workout but now Insanity was on my mind more and more. My main excuses were: I don't have time for 40-60 min exercise everyday, it is too cold, it is too hot, I don't have enough name it! Until one day when I just pressed play and started. I wasn't thinking about it I just did it. First day is the Fit test, which is 20 min workout and I hardly finished it. After it was over I could't get up from my bed because I was so tired. The next day I woke up with pain, my muscles were killing me! The same thing happened for next 3 weeks. Every day different part of my body was hurting, I still remember first day I woke up without and pain :)

 Later I realized that the hardest part was the start! In the end the pain did't matter to me because few days into the workout I started enjoying it. I was hooked and Insanity was the best part of my day. When I started I was aware that I was out of shape and I said to myself I will try to do as much as I can. Everyday I could do little bit more, slowly I learned the exercises, I learned how to breath and led my fit properly. From that on it was better and better, for the first time in my life I was enjoying working out and it was the first time I actually knew what I was doing and why. I learned so much about proper exercising and my body. First month was going by and I saw a change in my shape and my cardio. Than came The recovery week and it was time for Month 2.
Now with month two I was at the beginning all over again. Instead of 40 min there was 60 min workout and it wasn't just longer it was much harder. I wasn't giving up and I tried to do as much as I could each day but to tell you the truth this was little bit out my league. Sometime I would just be WTF is this. But most important thing was that I stick to it and tried as much as I could. I wasn't very happy about it but at least I know I didn't give up this time. My last Fit test showed me really good results, especially when I compared it with my first FT.

If you want to do great workout you should definitely try Insanity. It is amazing if you want to shape your body or if you wanna lose weight. One important thing about this program is the diet. There is diet plan that comes with workout which would give you the best results but I did't stick to that at all. The most important thing is try to eat healthy and eat something ( fruit in my case ) after the workout. I remember first 10 days into the workout, I was hungry all the time I ate much more then I usually do because my body needed more energy but I didn't gain any weight because I was also burning a lot of calories.

I definitely recommend Insanity to anyone. I am sure that if I could do it anyone could. I'm not the athletic type of girl at all and I was never into sports.All you have to do is decide and stop making excuses. You will feel so much better about yourself no matter the reason why you are working out. You will know that you are doing something for yourself and it is much better to move around for an hour per day that to sit and do nothing. I should know.

Did you heart about Insanity? Did you try it? Do you like working out?


  1. Great post! I never had trouble with weight but I am horribly out of shape and I started to work out a month ago with some begginer cardio and I'm feeling better already, still haven't moved on to something as advanced as this (i'm also asthmatic) but hopefully will get to this level too. Really enjoyed reading this.

  2. First time I did Insanity was 2 years ago and since then two more times. I loved it! Especially when Shaun screams :) He really pushes you to do your very best.
    You just have to be very careful with the position of your knees while performing his exercises.

    Right now I am doing some PX90 video clips. They are little more strentgh training oriented.

  3. Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

  4. I completed Insanity once this winter because I am a runner and since I am not really equipped to run during the cold months, I thought it would be a good substitute. And it really was! I was in amazing shape! I plan to go back to it pretty soon and actually combine it with running.

  5. Nikad čula, ali mi se čini jako naporno :D Ja više volim pilates kad ležim na podu i ne znojim se i tak :D


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