Monday, January 30, 2012

Red carpet: SAG Awards 2012

Jayma Mays in Reem Acra

Ariel Winter

Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka

Mishelle Williams in Valentino

Julianna Margulies in Calvin Klein

Kelly Cuoco in Romona Keveza

Lea Michele

Naya Rivera

Amber Riley

Jenna Ushkowitz

Judy Greer

Sofia Vergara in Marchesa

Ashlee Simpson in Jenny Packham

Angelina Jolie in Jenny Packham

Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Written by Cecelia Ahern

You have probably heard for at least one Cecelia Ahern book, maybe without even knowing. Some of you have probably read one, or two Ahern's books. I know you have heard for this movie:

P.S. I love you

Beautiful story about love, death and how to deal with loss. Bestseller P.S. I  love you is first Cecelia Ahern's book and very popular movie with the same name is based on it. Few years ago I saw the movie and I loved it so much that I decided that I have to get the book and read it. The book is different then a movie, the book is more emotional and more realistic. The movie is amazing too but they changed more then few things from the book. I don't mind the changes because I look at it as two separate things. It seams to me that for the move scriptwriters took only a basic idea from the book and did something which will make us sad but also entertainment us. A lot of my friends dislike one or another. Usually those who read the book first don't like the movie and vice versa. I love them both and I recommend it to anyone. 

"P.S. I love you" wasn't the first Cecelia Ahern's book I read.  After seeing the movie I was talking to my friend about it and she told me about the book called "Where rainbows end" also written by Ahern. The concept of the book is little bit different, the book contains letters, emails, sms, chats between characters. Different than usual but very interesting. The plot is easy going and fun, it fallows main characters Rosie and Alex since the were kids until the grow old. Great story about life, love and friendship. 
My favorite book from four that I read is "If you could see my now". All I can say is that this is wonderful, wonderful book, beautiful magical story...believe me when I tell you that after this you will at least for a moment believe that imaginary friends do exist!
Last but now least is the "Thanks for the memories". Another amazing story and great idea from Cecelia Ahern. Two people, two apart lives that come little bit of magic!

Have you read some of these books? What do you think about them?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nail art: Snow flakes

Outside the sun is shining but it is freezing! There is no snow and it doesn't seem like is going to snow, but on my nails there is a different story! Few months ago I found cute nail stickers with snow flakes and I decided that now is the time to use them!

The products I used: S-he 455, Essence Chasing Waves, Essence Romeo, Essence Chuck and Essence BTGN top sealer + sponge and nail stickers

First I applied S-he 455, then I used sponge and applied the rest of the colors: light blue, silver and darker blue. First I wanted to go with only two colors light blue and darker blue, but then I decided to add silver too because this way it looks more frosty and also transition between colors is better this way. After all the colors dried, I added another coat of glitter nail polish and then I added nail stickers :) I like the way it looks in the end! This is my second time using sponge for nail art and I absolutely love it. The effect is amazing and polish dries very fast. In the end I applied Essence top coat to protect the design!

The picture are taken under artificial light.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E.l.f. Stipple Brush and Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette Warm

In December and January E.l.f. had great deals and sales ( some are still on ) on their web page and that was a great chance to get some of their products! I purchased stipple brush and Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette 32 Warm.

Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette 32 Warm

My first pick was 100 eyeshadow palette but when I had my order it was out of stock. I got 32 Warm instead and that is probably better for me because here I have colors that I will actually use, in 100 palette there is so many beautiful shades but I prefer neutral and Earth tones so this is better choice for me. In Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette there are shades of peach, pink, purple, brown and grey and also white and yellow eyeshadow. Most of eyeshadows are shimmery but there are also matte eyeshadows. Most of the colors has good pigmentation and with eyeshadow base they last the hole day, there are few colors that are not pigmented at all, maybe 4-5 eyeshadows. The palette contains 32 eyeshadows, one double applicator and a mirror. It is not too big so it doesn't take much space and if you are traveling this is a great choice to take with you. You can see color range on the pictures above, in my opinion all the colors are great for everyday and I think that I will use all of them. Also, even though I still didn't try it I think that you can do a really good night look with it. The palette is currently on sale and the price at e.l.f. UK is 3,75£.  
Now let's look at swatches! Click to enlarge! 

First row
Second row
 Third row
Forth row

Stipple Brush

Reason why I wanted Stipple brush is cream blush and foundation. When the brush first arrived I wasn't very excited about it. The brush is fluffy, soft and there is no much fiber so I thought there is no way this could be any good. But after I used it few times I can say that it is not bad all. I don't have anything to compare it with, but I think that it can do the work well. When I applied foundation and cream blush with it there was no problem and I was very happy with the result. Of course if you have Sigma or Mac you don't need this one and you probably won't even like this one but for the price of 3,50 £ I think that this isn't a bad brush and it is worth to try it out. 

Once upon a time - half way to the end of Season 1

Once upon time is one of  this season's new TV shows, for me it is the biggest surprise. I watched the first episode with no particular reason and at the end I was amazed! Now I can't wait to see each episode, I really enjoy every time. The show is about fairy tale characters trapped in real world, in present time. The reason why all of them are trapped in time is an evil curse which has taken away all of their happy endings. In each episode we meet certain characters and their life in fairy tale world and also we see what is going on their life in present day. If you haven't heard abut this show you will maybe think that all of this just sounds silly and not worth your time. But  I would recommend Once upon a time to anyone, at least you should give it a chance. The story is great, combination between real and fairy tale world supplements perfectly. There is mystery, many interesting stories and characters and also this is a great way to remember all the fairy tales we loved when we were kids ( Some of us still love them!!). 
If you watch Once upon a time do you love it as much as I do?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nail art: Orange leopard

I love leopard print on nails, it looks great no matter which colors you use! For this occasion I decided to go with orange! For base color I choose soft neutral peach color from Essence called You Are My Dragonfly Sugar and for leopard print I used Rimmel Instyle Coral and Essence Stamp Me! Black. I did the design with nail dotting tool. I love how colors work together and I love the way design turn out! It is so simple to make this design and you can be sure that it will catch the attention of many!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first swap!

My first swap ever!! Few weeks ago lovely Sarah from Spellbinding nails blog contacted me because she was interested in Essence image plate. Of course I embraced her suggestion and at  Friday morning I got a nicest surprise! I told Sarah that she can get me image plate of her choice because I have only Essence plates and this was amazing opportunity for me to get something new.When I opened her little package I found three image plates and two nail polishes!! I was so happy and so surprised!!! I can't wait to try all the products! I don't know which way to start! Hopefully Sarah will enjoy hers too! 
You should check out her blog, you will find amazing nail art designs, everything you wanted to know about stamping and much more!!

Here is closer look at image plates, I can't wait to try them (keep in mind that there is a foil on top of each plate)...

...and two gorgeous nail polishes! Rimmel Purple Pulse and my very first Models Own nail polish called Bronze Rage

Sarah thank you so much!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Manhattan Color Loop Lip Gloss Wildberry

When I first saw Manhattan Color Loop Lipgloss line I knew that one of those cute lip glosses will be mine! I love the way this lip gloss looks, it reminds me of candy and I just love to look at it :) When you apply it on your lips three colors inside mix and  you get pretty natural pink color. This product doesn't give your lips a lot of color but it gives beautiful shine. The lip gloss is creamy and when you apply it on your lips it is not sticky, of course it smells really nice. Wildberry is prefect for everyday use, you can wear it alone but also it is looks great on top of other lip products! I have Wildberry for few months and I use it almost every day, it works with so many looks. 

Wildberry (6 ml) - pictures were taken when the product was brand new!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preview: Essence TE Crazy Good Times

New Essence Trend Edition for January 2012 is Crazy Good Times. Collection contains false lashes, nail polishes, face and body tattoo stamp, and nail stickers. I can't wait to see nail polishes, I think I need all of them!!

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