Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once upon a time - half way to the end of Season 1

Once upon time is one of  this season's new TV shows, for me it is the biggest surprise. I watched the first episode with no particular reason and at the end I was amazed! Now I can't wait to see each episode, I really enjoy every time. The show is about fairy tale characters trapped in real world, in present time. The reason why all of them are trapped in time is an evil curse which has taken away all of their happy endings. In each episode we meet certain characters and their life in fairy tale world and also we see what is going on their life in present day. If you haven't heard abut this show you will maybe think that all of this just sounds silly and not worth your time. But  I would recommend Once upon a time to anyone, at least you should give it a chance. The story is great, combination between real and fairy tale world supplements perfectly. There is mystery, many interesting stories and characters and also this is a great way to remember all the fairy tales we loved when we were kids ( Some of us still love them!!). 
If you watch Once upon a time do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Po tvojoj prepouci pocela da je gledam i zaljubila se :) Epizoda br 10 ceka vreme za spavanje :))


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