Thursday, January 12, 2012

Essence Add On Magic Glorious Aquarius

Here is yet another nail polish from Germany. This one is from Essence Trend Edition Add On Magic, it is called Glorious Aquarius. The base is p2 Black Pearl, I had it for two days and it was time for makeover :) I decided to apply Glorious Aquarius over it. GA is a top coat with blue and bronze micro, small and bigger hex glitter. The color of glitter is mostly blue but here and there there is also bronze which makes it more interesting. The bottle contains 8 ml of product and it is easy to apply it.

After I bought this nail polish I remembered another Essence nail polish that looks almost exact like Glorious Aquarius and it is called Clyde. Clyde is from Essence Twins and since I have both of them here is little comparation! 

Essence Glorious Aquarius vs. Essence Clyde

If you look at the bottle they look pretty much the same but when you look at it more closely you can see the difference. Clyde has only blue micro glitter and big square silver glitter while Glorious Aquarius has multiple size blue and bronze glitter. I prefer Glorious Aquarius but there is actually no need to have both polishes because they are close enough. If I remembered Clyde when I was in store I wouldn't bought it...but since I love nail polishes so much I will not complain :)


  1. Predivna manikura. I zbilja izgledaju jako slično kada ih gledam u bočici, a ipak nisu... :)

  2. Too bad, we didn't get this collection. I wanted this polish so much. It looks gorgeous. <3 But if I saw right it's going to come in their regular range in Spring. I hope so.

  3. I was looking at this nail polish in a shop today(glorious aquarius). I did not buy it because from my experience glitters are sometimes very difficult to remove. How long does it take to remove it? thanks:)

    1. There is easy way to remove glitter from your nails! Look at this post


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