Monday, March 26, 2012

Random #2

Today I'm in a mood for another little bit of everything post... 

Yesterday I got a early Easter gift: first two books from The Hunger Games trilogy. I can't wait to start reading it, hopefully I will like it and it will be as good as everyone say it is.Third book is not translated to Croatian yet, I hope it will be soon.

The book I'm reading right now is Winter Garden by  Kristin Hannah, right now I'm somewhere in the middle and I really love it. The story is about a two sisters Meredith and Nina who live totally different lifes but after a while and some tragic events they have common goal: find out the truth about their mother's life. Their mother Anya is a cold woman and both Nina and Meredith had to learn to live with it but then suddenly they realize that maybe there is a lot more about their mother that they don't know... 

Now when I'm talking about books I can mention another one: Lucy In The Sky by Paige Toon. This is a chick lit and very relaxing book. It is about a girl Lucy who is torn between two choices: Sidney or London...Nathan or James...I wasn't amazed by this book but I definitely like it.

New Essence range came into my local drugstore and all bought was eyeshadow brush. There were few more products that caught my attention but maybe some other time. Beside the eyeshadow brush I have one nail polish from new range, but I will show it to you in a few days. Here is a closer look at the brush. Looks really good, I tried today just a little bit and it for now it is great.

My boyfriend came from Germany the other day and look what he brought me!!! Let's just say that he knows me very well...

Yeey for P2 nail polishes and for my first Misslyn polish! Can't wait to try them all! I don't know where to start, if you have any suggestions just let me know!

At the end of this post I have little announcement: I decided that in next month I will not buy nail polishes. The reason why I'm telling you about it is to make it "official" because now I really have to go with it. I got too many nail polishes lately and it is really time to calm down little bit. I already had one month of absence, it was December 2011 and it was successful. Do you have to control yourself when it comes to nail polishes, makeup, clothes...? 


  1. I saw the hunger games movies this saturday, I haven't read the books though... one day maybe!

    1. I saw the movie today, it was ok but the book is amazing!

  2. The Hunger Games books are great, I bet you will enjoy them!!

  3. I would like to see the swatches of those nail polishes you got :)

  4. definitivno se moram kontrolirati kad je kupovanje kozmetike u pitanju. posebno kad se radi o lakovima. imam jedan ogroman neseser u kojem ih držim i nekako sam samoj sebi obećala da ga ne smijem prerasti :)))
    inače, meni je favorit ovaj plavi među lakovima, za njega me posebno zanima kako izgleda na noktu.

  5. Ja kupujem kako imam mogućnosti - kada mogu, trošim ko blesava i kupujem sve i svašta, kada štedim za nešto nemam uopće problema.. S novcima sam uvijek dobra :)

  6. I read all 2 hunger game books and loved it! Let me know if you like it =)

  7. uf, knjizi se uvijek radujem, kod mene igre gladnih još nisu došle na red... kasnim ;-)
    a dragi je super, vidi ti samo te lakiće ;-D
    čestitam na odluci o nekupovanju, nadam se da ćeš izdržat :-D
    nikad ne kupim više od dva laka odjednom, to mi pomaže ;-)

  8. love all those nail polishes colours! xx

  9. So many amazing colors of nail polsih!If you want we can follow also with bloglovin, google+, twitter and facebook?
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!
    Cosa mi metto???
    Three lucky person will win a pair of sunnies of therir choice, enter the contest!!!

  10. Hi! We love your blog and just wanted to let you know that we nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award -

  11. The books look good. So does your drink! I think I need to take a month off from buying too :)


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