Sunday, November 27, 2016

November nail art challenge: Weather

Today I'm here with quick post and quick mani. Today's theme for the challenge was Weather. My idea was to do something on every I have rain, grey cloud and a white cloud which was supposed to turn into sun on my pinky... but I forgot to take yellow nail polish from the box in my bedroom and kids are sleeping in today is work with what you have kind of mani. Since I can't find it quietly I'm going to stick with clouds and have sun coming some other day.

I used: Catrice Up In The Air, Maybelline City Smoke and China Glaze Snow

Friday, November 25, 2016

November nail art challenge: Moustaches

November challenge can't be without moustaches and I was looking forward to this one. I knew I want pastel nails and I used my water decal moustaches that I have for years but I used them only once. This was perfect opportunity to use them again. 

I used: Essence Flamingo Rose, Essence Iced Mint Frappe, p2 Violet Summerdream and Julep Blake

Friday, November 18, 2016

November nail art challenge: Gothic

Today's mani is part of November nail art challenge. The theme is Gothic. I'am surprised how much I like this manicure because this theme is so not me, but I love the end result of this. I knew I want to do something like this right away. I got this nail look with the sponge, it was really easy and surprise, surprise I did't made a huge mess :) I simply applied Essie Leading Lady on my nails and sponged tips of my nails with black nail polish.

I used: Essie Leading Lady and Malena number 2

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Occasional dresses

Every now and then there is a question for many girls...What to wear on important occasions...You are a made of honor at the wedding? Your sibling or close member of family is getting married? You have a prom? You need to choose between short prom dresses, long sleeve prom dress or long prom dresses? Or you simply want to stand out and take your outfit on the next level? I'm all in for casual dress code these days but I would definitely say dress is my favorite clothing item. So when I need to dress up I usually pick a dress. Short skater dress is my go to dress in any occasion, casual or formal.It suit me best and it just makes me feel good, comfortable and safe. However I do hope I will opt for long dress at least one time. If nothing just to change things a little.

If you want play it safe with elegance on trend, long sleeve dress is a great choice especially if there is lace involved.

If you don't like long sleeve trend there is always many beautiful examples of long dresses, you can choose if you want it simple or something with embellishment, or if you want play with color and a pattern.

In the end there is always short dress. If nothing else works this is a safe choice, at least in my case.
If you want to see more cheap prom dresses or uk prom dresses , check out the links.

What is your first choice when it comes to occasional dresses?


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory swatches

Latest Essence trend edition is The Little X-Mas Factory. These products are picked by my husband, he was on little trip and this was his gift for me. He literally picked these in 10 seconds but still makeup is something that can make a girl happy and I love everything here. 

I'm going to start with nail polishes. First one is I Still Believe In Santa Claus which is golden nail polish. I have a few golden nail  polishes in my stash and this one is definitely unique. This is not usual yellow gold...dirty gold comes in my mind and I hope you know what I mean :) It looks very nice and shimmery on nails. It is very opaque, I applied only one coat for pic below. It dries quickly.

Next one is pink called Santa Baby. Very pretty cream, I didn't go trough my stash but I'm sure I have few pinks which are very close to this one if not exactly the same. However, it is always great to have pink polish around so I don't mind and I'm gladly adding Santa Baby to my collection. It applies easily and it is opaque with only one coat. You can see that on pic bellow. 

When you have Christmas collection you got to have a green in it. This one is called Meet Me Under The Mistletoe. It looks darker then I thought it would on my nails but it is still very pretty. This one also has great opacity but I applied 2 coats in the end because it looked little bit better then one coat.Like previous two nail polishes it applies easily and dries quickly. Each contains 8 ml of product.

After I showed you nail polishes let's look at lip products. First one is liptint called All I Want For X-Mas Is You. When you look at the bottle, you can easily replace it for nail polish but it is actually a lip product. You apply product on your lips with a brush like any other lipgloss. I admit it is little bit unusual, probably because it reminds me on nail polish bottle but it is actually very easy to work with it. When it comes to product itself, it reminds me on lip gloss we used back in high school, it gives you very little color on your lips. It stains your lips so when it dries it is not glossy, it just gives you refreshed look. I can see that some girls will be disappointed with something like that because it doesn't do much but to me it is actually helpful product. I'm always in a hurry so sometimes is good to have something that brings little bit of life to my lips haha. The color is pink, there is 6.5 ml of product in the bottle.

Next lip product is lip balm. I always love these lip balms in the pot, they are too cute. This one is called Merry Kissmas. I love every single Essence lip balm I  tried and I think I will love this one too. It feels nice on my lips, it doesn't dry them out. It is nurturing and translucent. There is 11.75 g of product in the pot.

Last product today is eyeshadow palette. It contains five baked eyeshadow. Total is 9, 78 g.

The colors are natural, earthy tones. Very good pick for your Christmas makeup look. I used them only once but I like the pigmentation of these eyeshadows. With base they were on my lids all day long.  On last pic you can see my swatches, you can see they look pretty good.

Did you tried anything From The Little X-Mas Factory? Which is your favorite product?

Friday, November 11, 2016

November nail art challenge: Leaves

Time for my 2nd mani for November challenge. I like the fall theme - leaves. I also love colors I used, which look better in real life as well as the whole manicure. When I look at my nails from normal distance they look really nice but closeup shows few flaws...However not so bad for my first ever leaves mani. 

I used: Golden Rose number 330, p2 Tangerine Twist, Essence Waking Up  In Vegas and Golden Rose number 106

Monday, November 7, 2016

November nail art challenge: Mermaid

After I finally finished September nail art challenge I'm just in time for November challenge. Again from the same Instagram account. I'm enjoying these challenges because without it I would probably never do nail art and I started to really miss it ,so this is great for me. Also, these challenges are amazing because there is only eight themes each month which is not impossible to do. Although I have to say September challenge was a challenge for real because it took me so much more time than I thought it would. But better late then never, right?
Now let's look at my first mani. I love it so much, it turn out better then I expected. The theme was Mermaid. All I actually did was apply base color (Essence Bella ) and applied different color dots. I love this so much that I want to do it in different colors as well.

I used: p2 Adorable, p2 Seductive, Essece Bella, Essence Chuck, Maybelline City Smoke and China Glaze Snow

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