Saturday, May 24, 2014

Avon Naturals face creams

Long time ago I tried Avon Naturals face cream and I liked it so few months ago I saw a good deal for Naturals Rose line and I decided to get it. I was so happy with the cream so now I got a little stash. I like these products so I'm sure that I will finish them soon and this time I have no guilt about buying too many products because these are one of those basic product you always need to have around. I have dry to normal skin without major problems so these face creams are really good for me and I like to use them.

Avon Naturals Rose

Like I said I have more products from the line ( cleanser and eye cream )  but my favorite product is definitely this face cream. In a few days it will be gone and I wouldn't be surprised if I buy it again in the future. For now I obviously don't need it. The cream smells beautiful, for a while I was little bit obsessed with this scent and often I would stuck my nose in it :D The color is light pink with fine, micro glitter that is almost invisible on the skin. ( Usually you don't see it but there are times when light hits it that you do see something .) It is easy to apply it and it sinks in quickly. After I apply it my skin is smooth and soft. I use it before I apply makeup, before I go to bed, to remove my great every time.

Avon Naturals Tea Tree And Cucumber

Avon has this Tea Tree And Cucumber line since I can remember. Finally I decided to try it. I planed to order only the face cream but there was a good deal for two more products from the line ( peel off  face mask and 2 in 1 cleanser and toner ) so I got them too but I still need to test it a little bit better so I can say more about it. This face cream smells really it says on the label purifying would be perfect description to me. If you like smell of wood or fresh grass you will love this one too. It is not my favorite but I don't have a problem with it. This one also makes my skin soft and applies smoothly. It soaks into my skin almost immediately after I apply it. Like the previous cream it can be usable in different ways, I usually apply it in the morning or before applying makeup.

Avon Naturals Carrot And Sunflower

This one reminds me a lot to the first cream here - Rose. When you look at the texture only color is different but everything else is pretty much the same. There is also fine glitter in it that is later invisible, application is easy and creams soaks in quickly. When it comes to smell Carrot And Sunflower is my least favorite but I don't have a problem with the smell when I apply it on my face.

Avon Naturals Milk And Honey

Now this one is probably my favorite ( if we exclude Rose ) because of the way it smells. Sometimes I find honey scent too strong but this is just perfect! Texture of the cream is light and it applies easily, soaks in quickly and makes my skin soft. Love it!!

Avon Naturals Green Olive

The last cream I have here is Green Olive. With texture it is a lot like Tea Tree And Cucumber and also when I apply it it sinks into my skin almost immediately. Long time ago I used Planet Spa Olive Oil products and if I remember correctly this cream smells exactly like that. However it is a nice smell that I like very much. Like all the other creams I talked about I use it mostly before applying makeup or before I go to sleep. I also tried to remove makeup with it and it works very well.

After I tested all the creams I will probably use one by one. My favorite way of using products. After I finish them all I will probably repurchase some of them because they are really good. If you don't have major skin problems and all you need is to be soft and moisturized these creams are nice product to try. It is also good to mention that they are not greasy.  I definitely don't regret buying four creams at once!

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