Saturday, May 17, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Red

I love nail art challenges and few girls are doing probably the one everyone has heard of, I always wanted to do it so I decided to join them! First I have to catch up little bit but hopefully I will manage to do that and I hope I will be able to complete the challenge :) If you want to join us...Art Of Beauty is also preparing a giveaway!
First challenge is Red manicure. Mine is pretty simple...I applied OPI Gloria Red on three nails and I added little hearts on Essence Ahoy on the rest.


  1. Bas lijepo sto si se i ti pridruzila :) Za zabavu nikad nije kasno hehe, slatko i jednostavno, super su srceka

  2. I meni je jako drago da si se pridružila, baš su kjut srčeka :)

  3. Sad vas još moram stići :))

  4. lovely mani :)


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