Sunday, May 25, 2014

Project 365 ( 364 - 365 )

Week 53...

Day 364: Show your support!

Day 365: Cherries...the end...

That's it! My Project 365 is finished. I can't believe it has gone so quickly. I enjoyed most part of Project 365. It was fun to take all the photos for the challenge but then again it was hard to find inspiration at times. There would be days when I had 5-6 photos for the day and some days when I had barely one. I'm happy I made a hole year with it and I will probably continue to take pictures just not every day but I will probably post the ones that I really like in some random posts. It was interesting year, full of change for me. Biggest changes in my life were during this period. First I started started with our moving plans with my boyfriend, then we really moved and meanwhile I got married and got pregnant. Now all is left to count days until baby comes :) So, this is it with my 365 photo challenge...nice experience and interesting year behind me. Hope you enjoyed it like I did!


  1. Bravo! Ja sam krenula 1.1 i pogubila se putem nazalost, iako se stvarno trudim sto vise fotkati jer mi bude zao na kraju godine svih tih nepofotkanih trenutaka i pored toliko tehnologije ne biljeziti sve, i uvijek nekako zaboravim, nemam mob pri ruci, fotic nikada ne nosim sa sobom i tako :D grozna sam haha

    1. Iako je bilo dana kad nisam imala pojma šta slikati challenge je super. Ja čak razmišljam da ga ponovim nakon neke pauze :)


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