Thursday, May 15, 2014

p2 Catch The Glow nail polishes: Copper Flash, Chilly Breeze and Tropical Heath

Whenever I see p2 products I wish they are available everywhere! Fortunately I manage to put my hands on them every now and then. Today I have 3 nail polishes to show you. They are from Catch The Glow limited edition. 
First one is Copper Flash. This color is pretty self explanatory, it looks really good on the nails. Like all the colors in this collection it has a really nice glow which makes it prefect for sunny days.

Next color is Chilly Breeze. My favorite of the three colors! Real summer color, changes a bit from green to blue depending on the light.

The last one is yellow goldish Tropical Heath. My least favorite but since I'm all about yellow in the summer that could easily change. 
All the bottles contain 12 ml of product and they apply easily and dry quickly. I also have to say that I'm in love with these bottles, tops are so cute and I wouldn't mind if p2 makes them permanent. 

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