Tuesday, November 25, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Inspired by a book

I'm not sure if you can guess but this is Harry Potter mani. It didn't turn out the best but it is what it is. I had few ideas but in the end I decided to use Gryffindor colors and for accent nail do glasses, scar and Harry's hair. I'm not happy with this and last few manis...there are few more and I hope they will turn out better.

I used: p2 Fever, Essence Inti Inka, Golden Rose 330 and Golden Rose 106

Monday, November 24, 2014

Project 365 vol 2: Week 10,11 and 12

Day 64: Trying to organize...

Day 65: Getting Christmas mood

Day 66: One of my favorite candy!!

Day 67: Ready for nail art.

Day 68: Circles

Day 69: Leafs

Day 70: Wood

Day 71: New hand balms!

Day 72: Christmas decoration!

Day 73: Fiš

Day 74: Ladies night in!

Day 75: Stars

Day 76: Last minute dinner

Day 77: Notd...

Day 78: Denim

Day 79: I love Catrice blushers!

Day 80: I'm ready for Advent!

Day 81: After I saw then again, I couldn't resist!

Day 82: Some ornaments.

Day 83: Lemon...

Day 84: ...and pumpkin!

Friday, November 21, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Inspired by a movie

Bond, James Bond was my inspiration for this mani. This was first pick and I'm glad I didn't changed my mind. This mani is very simple and I used only two nail polishes Malena number 2 and H & M White.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bridal inspiration

White dress, flowers, cake, menu...it tickles imagination of so many girls and woman at any age. I'm definitely one of them. I got married earlier this year and I still like to look at the photos of brides and beautiful wedding dresses. I was lucky enough that first dress I saw after I went for my wedding dress hunt was the one I was wearing at the big day. There are so many details that you have to think about when you are planing a wedding. For most ladies find the perfect dress is the most important. It is important to know what you want but also be open minded and patient. You will need to try lots of different dresses and in the end choose one that fits and that you feel good about. Comfort is also important but lets face it, it's hard to believe that you will find comfortable wedding dress. There is a reason why you wear it only once, right? :)
I planed this post for a while, well since my wedding day but I never got around to write a post. Few days ago I found out about Lover.ly and I thought that would be a good opportunity to share some of my opinions and experience with you and to look at everything wedding related after a while.

There are so many beautiful dresses at Lover.ly and it is good place to find inspiration if you are planning a wedding. First I will show you three dresses that caught my attention from the site and in the end I will show you my dress :)
The first dress is white, lace dress. Very romantic and dreamy. With this dress I would put the hair up and complemented it with some natural eye makeup and bold red lip.

Second dress is gorgeous strapless lace dress. Strapless wedding dresses are not my first pick lately but this one is so pretty! Wavy hair and natural makeup would go perfect with it.

Last one is another romantic wedding dress, you can probably guess that I'm into lace lately. With this beautiful dress I would go with long wavy hair, as for the makeup I think eyeliner and red lip would look great! 

And now as promised my wedding dress... I love it now as much as I loved it first time I saw it.

Do you like weddings? What kind of dress would you like to have?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Britney Spears Curious

Britney Spears Curious is my second fragrance from Britney Spears and just like the first one I had Cosmic Radiance I'm in love with it. What makes this fragrance even sweeter for me is that it was nice birthday surprise from my cousin. We discovered Fragrance Direct, they have good prices for some perfumes so my wishlist could grow every day. Curious was a nice treat, the bottle contains 100 ml so I can spray this one as much as I want without being sorry.

Britney Spears Curious is Britney's first fragrance, lunched in 2014. The scent is light and delicate. Floral scents are my favorite so this is a thing for me. Top notes are magnolia, pear and lotus, middle notes are tuberose, cyclamen and jasmine while base notes are sandalwood, musk, white woods and  vanilla. The scent lasts for a nice amount of time but it doesn't last the hole day. Since this is my day perfume I don't have complains on durability, I do have perfumes that last longer but this is good if you ask me. Also for me this is a any season fragrance because I love scents like this one but generally this is spring or summer fragrance. 

The bottle is beautiful. It is big, blue and it looks like large diamond. It could make any beauty corner a bit prettier. 

Did you tried Curious? What is your favorite fragrance?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How I winterize my nails

I have super dry skin, during winter my little problem always gets bigger. It is the same thing with my body and with my hands and nails. I always use tons of hand lotions and creams but when cold days come, my hands and nails tend to be dry and rough I do my routine more often. Abbey from Julep asked me to share my routine as well as Julep's and since I never shared it on my blog here it is. My routine is pretty simple, I don't need a lot of different products just hand cream, cuticle butter and nail file.

I always start with nail file. Maybe it is weird but I don't clip my nails with nail clipper, I only shape them or shorten them with nail file. It is how I like to do my nails and it is how I always did it. I use nail clipper or / and nail scissors when nail file doesn't help which is rare in my case. I always have nail files around and one in my bag so I'm set anywhere I go. 

After I'm done with nail file I use nail butter. My favorite is from Lush ( more about it here ). I use it on my nails, on my cuticles and if it is necessary on parts of my hands. Last thing I use is hand cream and I use a lot of it especially during winter. I like to change them, right now I'm using the one from Essence. I also like to apply a little bit on my nails because it keeps my skin and cuticles soft as well. 

After everything my nails are ready for some nail polish :) ( Here I have Julep Helena. ) I don't do all of this every single time I change my manicure because that would be too much, I do it approximately once a week but when it comes to nail butter and hand creams sometimes I apply them several times a day. Cold weather and constant change of manicure drys out my skin so I like to keep them soft and moisturized. The most important thing in my opinion is to take care of your hands and nails regularly. It makes everything quicker and easier. 

Now here is Julep's suggestion on winter nail care:

And some color suggestions:

Unfortunately we can't buy Julep products in Europe and that is a shame because they have a lot of beautiful colors. I got few in a swap some time ago and I hope we will be able to get them because I have more then few in my wish list.

Tell me what is your nail care routine?

Friday, November 7, 2014

31 day Nail Art Challenge: Inspired by a song

What a mess :) I had no luck with this mani. First it was difficult just to figure out which song I could use and do a mani based on it. Then I remembered Butterfly by Crazy Town and thought Yey, easy! But no. This is the result of few attempts to do a nice butterfly mani but it just wasn't my day. I don't like this at all and if this wasn't part of the challenge I wouldn't publish it at all. I had a different idea but here it is. I did three pink and two black nails ( there was no other way to save those two haha ). I simply added green glitter on black base and I stamped butterflies on the rest of my nails. Hopefully next mani will be better :)

I used: China Glaze Pink Plumeria, Malena number 2, Catrice Glitterama and Essence Hey Mister Sandman

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lush Angels On Bare Skin

Lush Angels On Bare Skin was on my wishlist for a while. Not because of cute name but because I wanted to try Lush face products. After I went trough Lush web site and few reviews online I decided to try Angels On Bare Skin. Angels On Bare Skin is a cleanser and it is best for normal and mixed skin. My skin is dry / normal and it worked great for me. This is a face product but I used it for my body as well and it was amazing. This one like most of Lush products smells aaaamazing! Smell of lavender is dominant but there is also rose and almond.

When I first saw this product I wasn't sure how to use it, but it is very simple. All you have to do is take a pinch of product ( for your face, if you want to use it for your body you take a bit more ) and add little bit of water. With your hands you easily make a paste and with circular motions apply it where you want it. I really like the way my skin feels after I clean it with Angels On Bare Skin, it is so soft and I like to go over it with my fingers. It will also remove remains of your makeup but it is not the best choice to remove makeup from Saturday night out because it won't be enough and you will need something else. After I use Lush Angels On Bare Skin my skin feels best if I apply face cream. I use AOBS every few days but this is the product that you can use on daily basis to wash your face. One bad thing about this product comes from the fact that this is natural product and it means you can use it only for 3 months and it is best to keep it in your fridge. 
Here is nice video I found on how to use it:

Ingredients from lushusa :

Did you tried Lush cleansers? What is your favorite?
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