Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How I winterize my nails

I have super dry skin, during winter my little problem always gets bigger. It is the same thing with my body and with my hands and nails. I always use tons of hand lotions and creams but when cold days come, my hands and nails tend to be dry and rough I do my routine more often. Abbey from Julep asked me to share my routine as well as Julep's and since I never shared it on my blog here it is. My routine is pretty simple, I don't need a lot of different products just hand cream, cuticle butter and nail file.

I always start with nail file. Maybe it is weird but I don't clip my nails with nail clipper, I only shape them or shorten them with nail file. It is how I like to do my nails and it is how I always did it. I use nail clipper or / and nail scissors when nail file doesn't help which is rare in my case. I always have nail files around and one in my bag so I'm set anywhere I go. 

After I'm done with nail file I use nail butter. My favorite is from Lush ( more about it here ). I use it on my nails, on my cuticles and if it is necessary on parts of my hands. Last thing I use is hand cream and I use a lot of it especially during winter. I like to change them, right now I'm using the one from Essence. I also like to apply a little bit on my nails because it keeps my skin and cuticles soft as well. 

After everything my nails are ready for some nail polish :) ( Here I have Julep Helena. ) I don't do all of this every single time I change my manicure because that would be too much, I do it approximately once a week but when it comes to nail butter and hand creams sometimes I apply them several times a day. Cold weather and constant change of manicure drys out my skin so I like to keep them soft and moisturized. The most important thing in my opinion is to take care of your hands and nails regularly. It makes everything quicker and easier. 

Now here is Julep's suggestion on winter nail care:

And some color suggestions:

Unfortunately we can't buy Julep products in Europe and that is a shame because they have a lot of beautiful colors. I got few in a swap some time ago and I hope we will be able to get them because I have more then few in my wish list.

Tell me what is your nail care routine?

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