Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lush Lemony Flutter

Lush Lemony Flutter is cuticle butter but also a product you can use for your dry hands, elbows and other body parts. I bought it for my cuticles because ever since I tried it in Lush store few months ago it was number 1 on my wishlist.

First thing you notice about this product is the citrus smell. If you don't like it maybe is better that you skip this product because it is really strong. I'm not a huge fan od citrus smell but I love this one. Texture of the product is great and it is easy to apply it. You can use small or larger amount of product depending how dry is your skin. It takes some time to absorb but you get really soft skin with nice smell. The amount of product you get in the pot is 50 ml and I believe that the pot can last for a decent amont of time.

Now let's look how it works, this is before: I applied really small amount because I don't need more right now...

...and here is how it looks in the end. My cuticles are soft and they look much better, my nails are also in much better state. Important thing is to wait that oils absorbe completely if you want to apply nail polish so that nail polish can last longer on your nails.

 What is your favorite nail care product?


  1. I love Lemony Flutter, I use it on my cuticle. As you said you just need a little bit of the product so it really lasts for a long time. The next product that I love for my cuticle is Hand Balm by Bí Mât Cây. I think that it is better than Lemony Flutter. At least for me it is better :)

    1. I never heard for that one :) For now I'm more then satisfy with Lemony Flutter :D


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