Monday, January 6, 2014

Essence Ice Ice Baby swatch

Last week I saw Essence Ice Ice Baby trend edition and I bought few products. My first pick was hand balm and then I went for nail polishes. Green one had to be mine and then I figured that the white one could be good for nail art.

Junior Championship and Ice Skates On!

Junior Championship is sheer white with loads of pink flakies. I thought that opacity would be little bit better because with two coats there is still visible nail line. Maybe another coat would be better but since it took some time to dry I applied only 2 coats. The color looks nice on the nails, flekies give really nice shine. I doubt that I will wear Junior Championship alone, I will use it as base in nail art most of the time.

Ice Skates On! is beautiful shimmery green. The color is more summer appropriate so I believe that I will wait with this one util sun comes out! Ice Skates On is also sheer nail polish, with 2 coats there is visible nail line so next time I will give a try to another coat.

I love the way they look together!

24 protection hand balm Let Me Hold Your Hand! is really nice, moisturizing hand balm. It applys and absorbes quickly it also smells beautiful. Lately I was using Balea hand creams and this is way better then any of those so Im more that happy with this one.

Do you like Essence Ice Ice Baby?


  1. Love those nail polishes, I would buy white one and wear it alone, looks good even without full coverage :D

  2. Super su mi ovi istočkani noktići! :))

  3. Svidja mi se taj bijeli, bez obzira na providnost. Na zelenom bi bilo bolje da nije takav jer mu je boja bas super.

  4. šteta što su tako loše pigmentirani, inaće u bočici oba dobro izgledaju... možda s kakvom podlogom slične boje?


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