Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lush Snow Globe

Snow Globe is Lush body soap from their Christmas collection. This is the first body soap I tried and first one from Lush that I used. I was always a bit sceptic  about body soaps because I all ready have dry skin and I always tought soaps would only made it worse. I`m glad I can say  that didn`t happen with Show Globe. Lush Show Globe does the job very well, it applies easily, your skin is slightly moisturized so you don`t have a feeling that you NEED body lotion. Also it smells really nice! If you are into citrus and fresh scents this is something you should try. After you take a shower your body will smell like Show Globe and so will your bathroom.

Another awesosme thing about Show Globe nad other solid soaps is that you can have them for a long time. I have 100 g of Show Globe and I believe I will have it for a very long time, it will take time to use it up.

What do you think about solid body soaps? Did you tried any from Lush?

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