Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project 365 ( 154 - 160 )

Week 23...

Day 154: Going through my bag and I find all these...

Day 155: Dumbledore and Hedwig what are you doing here???

Day 156: Tea 

Day 157: Annayeke Natsum - not bad at all.

Day 158: Action!

Day 159: Swatches...

Day 160: Pick one if you can...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

p2 Sand Style nail polishes

When I went to Germany few months ago these nail polishes were on my wish list and I knew they have to be mine. It was really hard to find them because they were sold out everywhere but little by little I got four colors that I wanted. 
First one is Illegal. Gorgeous redish color with pink and golden shimmer, looks so pretty and it is something that will get you some attention because it is stunning!

Lovesome is another beauty from Sand Style line. This one is dusty pink with loads of golden shimmer. Gorgeous color, great formula!

Next is Seductive which is my least favorite from the three nail polishes but still such a pretty color that I love and wear very often! The color is beautiful purple with golden shimmer.

Adorable is delicate pink with silver shimmer that is perfect for times when you want "polite" nails, I'm surprised how much I wear this color since I rarely reach for light colors! 

Sand Style is awesome collection and I'm so happy with four colors that I have. They have great formula, they apply easily and dry quickly. Also they are easy to take off, no need for foil technique. Each bottle contains 11 ml.

Do you like p2 Sand Style? Did you tried it?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Project 365 ( 147 - 153 )

Week 22...

Day 147: Beautiful fall decorations.

Day 148: New in - Bourjois Healthy Mix...finally!!

Day 149: Ready for  my notes.

Day 150: Fall in love.

Day 151: Another scarf :))

Day 152: Do you remember him from Week 1 ?

Day 153: Found them today!!

Avon Dry Ends Serum + Moroccan Agran Oil + Shine Serum

I love Avon hair products and one of my favorite hair products ever is Avon Dry Ends Serum. Few months ago I decided to try few more products that are supposed to be good for dry hair and dry ends.  My hair is dry, especially at the ends so where ever I see HAIR + SHINE I'm all over it. That is why I have a lot of products that are very similar. For a while I thought that these products are pretty much the same thing so after trying all of them here is my impression and little comparison.

I will start with Avon Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum. I started using this product back in high school and I've been loyal to it ever since. I did tried few products from different brands but I always come back to this one because there was always something that I didn't like about the other products. My hair is dry and my ends are the worst part. I always need some products to make it better and this thing really helps. I apply small amount with my fingers and immediately it looks better. Serum absorbs quickly and I don't have to worry that it will grease my hair. I even put little something that is left on my fingers on other parts of my hair and it looks very nice. With serum my ends look more healthy and less damaged. The bottle contains 30 ml and it lasts for decent amount of time. To me it usually lasts 1-2 months.   

Avon At Moroccan Agran Oil is the next product. I tried this one few months ago but it quickly became one of my favorite products. I wanted to try it for a long time but now that I have it I think this is going to be something I will go back to for years. We heard so many good things about agran oil and this product completely justified it. Avon AT Moroccan Agran Oil is leave in treatment and you are supposed to apply it on your wet hair and style your hair the way you want to. This is exactly how I use it and I can see the results immediately. It not only helps brushing my hair, my hair looks a lot better and I don't need anything for my ends. Agran oil alone is enough. If necessary you can also apply it on your ends after you dry your hair or use it only for your ends. The bottle contains 30 ml and it can last for a while because you don't need a large amount of product. 

The last product I have here is Avon AT Shine Serum, this one contains 60 ml of product. Shine Serum reminds me a lot  to Dry Ends Serum. They have exactly the same smell, they are both translucent but the texture of Shine Serum is little bit more dense. Main difference is that this one should be used on your wet hair. It should help brushing your hair and your hair is supposed to look more shiny. I use it this way and other times I just apply it on my ends when my hair is already dry. Shine Serum applies  easily and it absorbs quickly. The thing I like about it is that it helps brushing my hair but other then that I don't see much difference. For my ends but I prefer Dry Ends Serum so I don't see any reason to repurchase this product. It's not a bad product but there is nothing special about it and there are so much better products out there.

Overall all three products are very good but I would recommend only two of them: Dry Ends Serum and Moroccan Agran Oil because they really make obvious difference while Shine Serum is not that impressive. 

Did you tried any of these products? What is your impression of them?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sinful Colors Cream Pink and Sinful Colors Timbleberry

I'm very busy pass few weeks and I barely have time for my blog. So today I'm gonna go with quick nail post. I have two Sinful Colors nail polishes to show you, I have them for awhile and these swaches are in my folder since the summer and it is finally time to post them. First Sinful Color nail polish here is Cream Pink. Interesting thing about Sinful Colors Cream Pink is that this actually isn't cream nail polish. There is a cream pink base but there are also loads of golden glitter. Glitter is the thing that separates this nail polish from other pinks and makes it really pretty! Cream Pink is great color for summer but if you are pink girl like me the season isn't that important :)

Next one is Sinful Colors Timbleberry. I got both polishes in a swap and interesting thing is that Sinful Color Timpleberry is the last one that I added on my swap wish list and ever since I got it Timbleberry is one of my favorite nail polishes. The color is soooo pretty. It is coral with red and pink tone to it depending on the light. It looks gorgeous in the bottle and even better on the nails. Ultimate summer color but since I love it so much I wear it all year long.

Do you like Sinful Colors Cream Pink and Timbleberry? What is your favorite nail polish at the moment?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Project 365 ( 140 - 146 )

Week 21...very busy and exciting :))

Day 140: I'm watching you!!

Day 141: Under the tree...

Day 142: Orchid

Day 143: Lovely wood samples :)

Day 144: At the station...

Day 145: Lace.

Day 146: Birthday girl :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Golden Rose Carnival - number 9

Golden Rose has a new nail polish range called Carnival. It contains really cute colorful top coats, there is 16 total. All of them have hex and bar glitter and contain 11 ml. It was hard to choose one because all of them look pretty but in the end I bought the one with white and blue hex and bar glitter.

Carnival collection isn't like Golden Rose Jolly Jewels when I wanted all of them but they look really pretty and there are so many different combinations so when I see them next time it will probably be too hard to risist and just pass by them :) 

This is how it looks with Essence Bussal as base color. I love this combo and there is so many combinations I want to try.

Did you tried Golden Rose Carnival? Do you like the collection?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project 365 ( 133 - 139 )

Week 20...

Day 133: Ships.

Day 134: My favorite pizza.

Day 135: Going for a walk...

Day 136: Apples.

Day 137: Love my new bag!!

Day 138: How cute are these soaps?!

Day 139: Time for some Harry Potter!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Preview: Essence TE Superheroes

Superheroes is new Essence nail trend edition coming in November. There are different effect top coats and different effect nail polishes and some nail art suplies. I can't wait to see nail polishes especially termo effect, liquid gold and liquid sand. Is there something you looking forward in this trend edition?

Preview: Catrice LE Rocking Royals

New Catrice limited edition for November and December 2013 is Rocking Royals. The collection contains: multicolor blush, nail powder, highlighting powder, velvet black liner, lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes. the collection looks nice but I'm not too excited, however I can't wait to see nail polishes in person. What do you think?

Preview: Essence 24 hand protecting balm - Chocolate Fondue

In November and December 2013 Essence will have limited edition of hand balms like they have every year. This year main scent is chocolate in combination with different fruit. Combos are interesting and I will porobably buy every scent. Chocolate is one of my favorite scents in winter so I'm really looking forward to these products!

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