Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sinful Colors Cream Pink and Sinful Colors Timbleberry

I'm very busy pass few weeks and I barely have time for my blog. So today I'm gonna go with quick nail post. I have two Sinful Colors nail polishes to show you, I have them for awhile and these swaches are in my folder since the summer and it is finally time to post them. First Sinful Color nail polish here is Cream Pink. Interesting thing about Sinful Colors Cream Pink is that this actually isn't cream nail polish. There is a cream pink base but there are also loads of golden glitter. Glitter is the thing that separates this nail polish from other pinks and makes it really pretty! Cream Pink is great color for summer but if you are pink girl like me the season isn't that important :)

Next one is Sinful Colors Timbleberry. I got both polishes in a swap and interesting thing is that Sinful Color Timpleberry is the last one that I added on my swap wish list and ever since I got it Timbleberry is one of my favorite nail polishes. The color is soooo pretty. It is coral with red and pink tone to it depending on the light. It looks gorgeous in the bottle and even better on the nails. Ultimate summer color but since I love it so much I wear it all year long.

Do you like Sinful Colors Cream Pink and Timbleberry? What is your favorite nail polish at the moment?

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