Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink

Today I have time for a quick post. I don't have anything prepared so I opened my nail folder and finally decided to show you my swatch of Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink. It is in my folder for years and I have no idea why I never posted these photos. After all Rockstar Pink is one of my favorite glitters. This beauty is opaque in 2 coats and it contains most beautiful colorful glitter! There is pink, purple, blue, gold and red. It applies easily and drys really quickly! I scored Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink in a swap few years ago and I'm so happy about that because it was on my wishlist long before that and here in Croatia it is hard to get Sally Hansen nail polishes. Hopefully that will change in future!

Do you like Sally Hansen nail polishes?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wishlist #3

I crossed out most of my previous wishlist. Now I have a new one and again, it is affordable and realistic :D 

I Heart Makeup palettes
I could easily put all of them here. It is not like I need any of them but I really, really want them :) You know how it is ;)

Naked Chocolate

Death By Chocolate

Lush Brazened Honey
I had a sample of Brazened Honey few months ago and after first try I knew I will get a full size pot! Amazing face mask!

Treacle Moon shower gels
I love Treacle Moon shower gels,hopefully I will find these two in Germany when I go there in few weeks.

Iced Strawberry Dream and Lovely Mint Story

Britney Spears Fantasy
Fragrance Direct is killing  me!!There are bunch of fragrances that I would love to have. I could have another wishlist with FD website alone and first one on that list is Britney's Fantasy. So baby steps for now :) Hopefully Fantasy will be mine, I'm stalking the website for better price.

Balea 50's Forever and My Golden Twenties creams
How cute are these?? I will get them as soon as I go to DM :)

What do you think? Do you have any of these products?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Swatch: Essence Lady Mermaid

Past few months I didn't bought a lot of nail polish, mostly because I have so many that  I could hardly find anything unique or interesting. Whenever I saw something pretty I would soon realize that I have almost the same shade at home so I would skip it. That being said I didn't think twice when I saw Essence Lady Mermaid. I reached for it immediately, the color looked stunning! I did bunch of pictures but they don't do any justice even though it looks gorgeous on them. In reality this is one of most beautiful nail polishes I saw lately. You can see the label - liquid foil and that is maybe best description of the finish and the color. This gorgeous blue changes depending on the light or angle. It goes from blue to teal, turquoise and purple. It is interesting that it looks better in the shade. In the sun it is beautiful shimmery blue, but the real deal is when you look at it in the shade and you see all the colors changing.

To get the full opacity I applied 3 coats. I was little bit afraid that it will be too sheer but it looks great with 3 coats. Drying time was okay, not super quick but not slow as well. The bottle contains 10 ml.

Do you like Essence Lady Mermaid? Did you see any other new Essence nail polish you like?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Project 365 vol 2: Week 22, 23 and 24

Day 146: This is how I like it in the morning ( or any other part of the day ) hahah...

Day 147: Gift :))

Day 148: Pasta with pesto :)

Day 149: Catrice No Snow Petrol

Day 150: Drinks with  umbrella :)

Day 151: Apple pie.

Day 152: Lunch.

Day 153: Spring flowers.

Day 154: Cars.

Day 155: Pattern.

Day 156: Another flower...

Day 157: Footprints in the snow.

Day 158: Snow is pretty much everywhere!

Day 159: ...snow again...

Day 160: Playing with Grom :)

Day 161: Trail

Day 162: Survivor.

Day 163: New in :)

Day 164: Early Valentine rose :)

Day 165: Grab it!

Day 166: Nail polish I've been using these days.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Negative space manicure

When I first saw negative space manicures I thought that this is something I should try to do. There is million ways to do negative space mani, the point is to leave small part of your nail without nail polish. I decided that I should try my first negative space mani with diagonal line because this one is very easy. To make things even more easier I used striping tape. To get better effect I used two nail polishes. I love how it turn out especially with glitter nail polish! This is something I will have to do few more times :)

I used: China Glaze Some Like It Houte and Catrice London's Weather Forecast

Do you like how my mani turn out? Did you tried negative space manicure?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day nail art

This year I am in Valentine's nail art mood. I'm all about red nail polish and hearts. I'm so glad that after I did 31 Day Nail Art Challenge for so long I'm not tired of nail art :) I have 3 different but very easy designs. Hope you like them ;)

Red hearts

I used: p2 Open Your Heart! and China Glaze Snow

Pink hearts

I used: Max Factor Whispering Ivory, Essence Flamingo Rose and Essence Glitterastic

Black hearts

I used: p2 Open Your Heart! and Golden Rose 106

What is on your nails these days?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lush shower gels: So White, Snow Fairy and Happy Hippy

On last Lush sale I bought two shower gels, by now they are probably sold out but this post can come like an early preparation for next year. Here I have two shower gels from Lush Christmas range: So White and Snow Fairy and one from their regular range Happy Hippy.

All of them are medium bottles, they contain 250 ml. They came in classic Lush bottle with flip cap on the top. I like the packing, it is practical and it is easy to dose the product because when you squeeze the bottle small amount comes out. In my opinion it is all you need and you don't waste too much product. These shower gels have usual characteristic of Lush product. They have long lasting strong scent, they look nice and they are nice to your skin. Also they can be used to wash your hair as well, so they are handy if you are traveling and you don't have a lot of space. Here you have nice 2in1 product.

So White

So White is one of Lush Christmas products. It is one of new products but it comes in same scent as popular bath bomb So White. It is easy to describe the scent because it smells like apples. Exactly like apples and I love it. After you use this your bathroom is filed with it :) Of course your skin smells beautiful too and you can smell it hours later too. I like the texture of the gel as well but it's consistency is a bit thinner so Lush cap I mentioned earlier is helpful here. Fun thing about So White is that it has shimmer inside so after you shower it leaves your skin with some shimmer. So White is not only shower gel it can also be used as shampoo. I tried only once and I was impressed with result. I could easily brush my hair and I didn't use any other product except So White ( no conditioner or any other product which I have to use to brush my hair ). 

Snow Fairy

Now one of Lush favorites. I tried Snow Fairy last year and I couldn't wait to get my new bottle. The smell of Snow Fairy is sweet. It reminds on candy. It is pretty strong so I don't like to use it every single day. I use it every day only when I have new bottle so I need to enjoy it a little bit but then after that I use it once or twice per week. That way I can have my bottle longer too, haha. You can count that after you use Snow Fairy you will smell it everywhere for a while.  Texture of Snow White is nice and creamy, I wouldn't change anything about it. There is also multicolor shimmer that stays on your skin after you shower, also your skin feels nice and I always skip the lotion after I use SF. I want to enjoy this amazing scent and it doesn't dry out my skin. Snow Fairy can be used as shampoo as well. 

Happy Hippy

Happy Hippy is from Lush regular range and you can get it all year long. The smell is citrus. They are not among my favorite so I'm not that excited about Happy Hippy. They are great early in the morning or during summer when you need fresh scents like this one. But that's that. It is amazing if you like citrus scents because it is nice to your skin but what can I do when I prefer candy or floral scents :) The texture is dense and creamy and it doesn't dry the skin.

Overall, Lush shower gels are really good and I'm glad I have a few. If you ask me would I buy them again...Snow Fairy is definitely on that list, it is one of my favorite products in general. As for So White and Happy Hippy I will enjoy it while they lasts and then move on :)

Did you tried any of these products?
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