Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Born Pretty Store water decals

Few days ago I tried water decals for the first time. I have moustache design from Born Pretty Store that looks really cute and it seems to be everywhere lately, on t shirts, scarfs, jewelry and of course so many girls draw them on nails. I decided to go with easier version and just stick them on my nails. Water decals are really easy to use. All you have to do is cut the design with scissors and dip it in the water for few seconds. I did it with room temperature water and it worked very well. Then you simply apply it on your nails. You can use fingers but I think tweezers would be the better choice because it is easier to place the image where you want it with them. Once you place the image it will stay that way, you can't move it any more. 

Water decal D305 has 36 different size images. Smaller images are great for short nails, while bigger images will suit girls with longer nails. This is how the design look on my nails. The base is Catrice Mint Me Up. My end result is pretty simple but cute and what is the best simple nail art like this is done in a minute.

If you want to check out Born Pretty Store page and you see something you like use code DCL91 to get 10% off.

* product was sent to me for a review

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project 365 ( 63 - 69 )

Week 10...This time of year is perfect for vacation but that won't happen this year for me. This heath wave isn't helping...so I envy everyone on who is on on the beach right now :) Let's look at this week's photos...

Day 63: Gradient sky.

Day 64: Empty street.

Day 65 ( and 300 more days to go :D ): They say this coconut flavor is old thing but I tried it for the first time :) 

Day 66: This is where I write notes or ideas for my blog :)

Day 67: Cute little cake.

Day 68: Nice gift from my aunt. 

Day 69: Toffifee can make my day! Yum!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

What to watch in the summer (TV show edition)

For all TV show freaks summer is a difficult time. Our beloved TV shows are on the break and even though there are few summer shows it is a tough time for TV show lovers. When we think what to do with so much free time the answer comes easily - watch more TV shows. Summer shows are great way to fill the schedule, there are only few of them it is nice to have something with new episode each week. For the rest of the time it is perfect time to watch some show that never made our schedule and for those shows that we need to catch up. So here is what I watch this summer. Every summer I start watching at least one new TV show, usually something that already has few seasons and there is no way for me to be able to watch it through the year.

This summer it was Scandal. This TV show has only 2 seasons and it is kind of addictive so I finished it very quickly. Main character of the show is Olivia Pope, she is a "fixer" and she runs crisis management firm. Politics, White House, national security, public image and love life drama are just part of the show. Creator of the show is Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. With Shonda you know there will be some drama and unpredictable plot so after I've seen all episodes I have to say I I can't wait for September to see new episodes!

After I finished with Scandal I started with Sons Of Anarchy. This was on my what to watch wishlist for a very long time but I didn't know a lot about the show. It is about outlaw motorcycle club.After watching 10 episodes I can say that it is not exactly my cup of tea but I will keep watching because it keeps me interested. This is little bit too brutal for my taste but I have feeling that it gets better when the story goes on little bit.

There is also one new summer TV show that I will probably watch at some point, hopefully very soon Orange Is The New Black. Also I've heard great things about Americans.

I caught the pilot of Devious Maids from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry but it is not something I would recommend to anyone. Of course there is True Blood with new season and Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf which are good summer fun and TV shows that nobody should take seriously. Okay, PLL are annoying anyway but TB and TW can pass :)

Now let's talk about some shows that I have only compliments for and I barely ever mention them on my blog. For now I will recommend only two shows, both great in their own way.

Breaking Bad is probably the best TV show ever!!! The end of the show is coming really soon and I already think I should watch everything one more time from the beginning. The show is pure perfection  and everyone should watch it. It starts when high school teacher and his former student get involved into producing and selling meth. Two of them can't be more opposite and they are fun to watch. The story is interesting all the time and with each episode it gets better. Everything in this show from the story, characters, dialogues , direction , small details is just great. I hope the end will be great too and that we won't be disappointed. Yeah Mr.White! Yeah science!

The other show is Pushing Daises. This is something that keeps you smiling all the time. It is funny how the show about death can be so sweet and colorful. Interesting plot and amazing characters. Only bad thing about this show is that there are only two seasons. 

Do you watch any of these shows? Do you have any recommendation for me?

pic source:  1 2 3 4

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catrice Fuchsiarama and Catrice Mint Me Up

Few months ago when Catrice had their last product update there was a lot of new nail polishes. Two of them immediately caught my attention. The first one is Fuchsiarama, which I bought soon after it came out and the other one is Mint Me Up which I bought last week. There are few more colors that look really nice but I'm not sure that I need them so for now I will stop at these two.

Catrice Fuchsiarama

Just like the name suggests the color of Fuchsiarama is fuchsia pink. It applies easily and it is very opaque. You can almost get away with only one coat but since I usually prefer two coats I wear it that way. Fuchsiarama has a cream finish. 
Lately whenever Catrice came out with new nail polishes they changed the brush a little bit. This one is really good, wide and slightly round on the edges. It is easy to work with it and I hope Catrice will stick with brushes like this in future. 

Catrice Mint Me Up

Catrice Mint Me Up is pretty spring / summer color. The color looks really nice but the thing that got me to buy this nail polish is the tiny golden glitter. There's a lot of it and it looks beautiful in the sun. Two coats are enough for full opacity. Application was easy but the brush in this nail polish isn't that good. For some reason Catrice doesn't have the same brush for every nail polish in the range and this one has a little bit weird shape.

Which one is your favorite Catrice nail polish? Did you tried Fuchsiarama or Min Me Up?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Project 365 ( 56 - 62 )

Week 9 is gone and most photos are indoor or outside my house because I was sick last week...I hate when that happens in summer time...

Day 56: Apricot tree.

Day 57: I don't know about you but I like taking pictures of bonfire.

Day 58:  Cherry and walnut liqueur in the sun.

Day 59: Makeup products I used today ( you are not able to see mascara very well but this is MUA Extreme Curl )

Day 60: New in today...a book and Catrice Mint Me Up

Day 61: I bought a new dress, this is going to be perfect for summer days.

Day 62: NOTD with Golden Rose 348 and China Glaze Pool Party

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My nail polish stash: pink

Finally my pink nail polishes. I was afraid of this post because I'm a pink girl and I wasn't sure how many dupes I will find. In the end it wasn't too bad but now I'm sure that there is no need to buy any "medium" pink nail polish for a year...at least :D I probably don't need any pink nail polish for some time but let's not make fake promises :D 
Here we go! I sorted them by shade, most realistic color is in the bottle. Nail wheel refused to cooperate, but here it is anyway. You can at least see diversity among the colors side by side. As always I added short description to the pictures if you are interested in that :)

Basic Beauty number 43 - This is the lightest pink nail polish that I own. Very shimmer and very sheer. I like to use it for nail art but it is also good layering.

Rimmel Star Kissed - This one is also very light, cream base with holo glitter. Very nice!

Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded - I like this color a lot, it is soft pink with multicolored shimmer which is very subtle. Unfortunately it is discontinued. 

Essie We're In It Together - This is a true beauty! Light pink with loads of purple / blue micro glitter. 

Essence Flamingo Roses - Light pink with silver shimmer. Just a little bit darker from Essie and Catrice.

p2 Flirt With Me! - This one is light cream pink. Since I have few nail polishes very close to this one I didn't wore it a lot. 

Catrice Sweets For My Sweets - This is one of my favorites! It is perfect for nail art because it has great opacity and it looks very pretty on it's own! Like a lighter version of Barbie pink. The base is cream with loads of darker pink shimmer which is very subtle.

Deborah Milano Ballerina Tutu - When I first saw Ballerina Tutu I knew I'm gonna buy it but I only wore it once or twice. It looks gorgeous in the bottle but on my nails is just little bit to light for my taste.

Oriflame Clover Hate - I'don't have much to say about this one except that this is my oldest nail polish and I'm afraid it will end up in trash very soon :D

Maybelline Mauve Diamonds - Hm...this one was a disappointment. It looks stunning in the bottle, so shimmery and beautiful but when you apply it on your nails there is nothing. The color isn't that pretty and it is very, very sheer. You can look at the bottle in the picture above and believe me when I say that I used it only once. You probably need million shades to make something of it!

Basic Concept Open Air Kiss - I'm not very familiar with the brand Basic Concept but I like this nail polish.This one is the darkest so far and it is very pretty. The color is very interesting, dusty pink and silver shimmer. Perfect for winter holidays.

OPI My Address Is Hollywood - This one is not light and not too bright, it is right in between. The base is cream but there is loads of golden glitter which looks very pretty especially in the sun.

Golden Rose number 268 - This one is a  cream, light but much brighter then the polishes on the first picture. Very beautiful.

China Glaze Pink Plumeria - Another favorite! The color is coral pink, it  is very bright even though it is light pink. Pink Plumeria was part of last year's China Glaze Summer Neon Collection but this isn't neon and I don't mind at all because it is so beautiful and it draws a lot of attention.

Color Club Space Case - Now this would be light pink neon with loads of multicolored glitter which is not sparkly. Weird I know, but truly beautiful.

Uma Psychic Pink - Uma is another brand I'm not familiar with. Psychic Pink is bright shimmery pink. It looks nice on the nails but I have to admit I prefer how it looks in the bottle.

Deborah Milano  Love At First Sight - I was obsessed with this nail polish when it came out, so obsessed that I have a backup bottle :) I love glitter nail polishes and this one was the closest to it at the time. The base of this nail polish is pink shimmer with pink and golden glitter!

Bourjois 1 Seconde number 15 - This one looks a lot like Deborah Milano LAFS, the same shade of pink but different formula. Instead of glitter here we have shimmer. You can guess which one I prefer ;)

Here is the wheel with all the colors so far where  you can see the difference.

Next group of polishes is the problematic one :) These are my "medium" pink nail polishes. They are not light and they art not dark, also they are not too bright. The colors are very similar so I will just add their names bellow because anything else would be too confusing. Pictures of the bottles are realistic so click on them to see them more closely. The wheel looks little bit darker then in real life but you can look at it anyway. I added numbers for each bottle and nail wheel so I hope it helps.

Basic Beauty number 18

BeYu number 334

Essence Wanted

Basic Concept Miss Piggy

Avon Viva Pink

S-he number 462

Bourjois 10 Days number 15

p2 Brilliant Cosmopolitan set

Douglas number 143

Essence Naughty And Pink!

Catrice Hot Or Not?

Sinful Colors Boom Boom

Golden Rose number 322

Sinfil Colors Folly

Essence Roy's Red

Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever

Classics number 28

Catrice Fuchsiarama

...and the same picture without flash...

Essence Let Me In Pink - Dusty pink, cream and very beautiful but somehow I always forget about it. I wish I reach for it more often.

Essence Princessorize - The only difference between this and the next one is the shimmer. Base micro shimmer is the same in both polishes, but Essence has pink, purple and blue larger shimmer while S-he has larger silver shimmer. Both look beautiful but I prefer Essence.

S-he number 467 - Look at previous description.

Sinful Colors Cream Pink - Even though the name is Cream Pink this isn't cream nail polish. The base is cream pink but there is also loads of golden micro glitter which makes this nail polish very special and beautiful.

Basic Beauty number 467 - One of my darker pinks, very nice shimmery color!

Essence Bright Alert! - with Bright Alert! we came to the bright pink group, which is my favorite. Essence Bright Alert! is a nice nail polish but probably my least favorite in the picture above. The reason is that it is too sheer and it would look the best with white base but I'm always lazy for that.

Golden Rose number 66 - This one is also very pretty but same as Bright Alert! too sheer on it's own. I bought it when I was on the mission to find perfect bright pink.

China Glaze Hang Ten Toes - Absolute favorite! I love everything about this nail polish. Gorgeous purple pink color, neon shimmer...perfection!

Color Club Ultra-Astral - This one also goes to the group of my pink favorites. Bright, bright pink with glitter. Like I already mentioned Color Club glitter is not sparkly but it looks amazing!

Golden Rose number 328 - Just like Golden Rose 66 this one is not very opaque but I like how this one looks on it's own. Cream with gel like finish.

Julep Samantha - This screams summer. Just a tiny bit darker then ultimate summer neon China Glaze Pool Party.

China Glaze Poll Party - When I bought Pool Party my mission to find perfect bright pink was completed. I adore this nail polish, perfect summer color with matte finish.

So that's it! Tell me what do you think of my pink collection? Is it too big or just right
Do you have some of these nail polishes in your stash?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nyx Beauty To Go - The Ultimate Beauty Box (pic heavy)

Tonight I will finally post my swatches of NYX Beauty To Go. I already showed it to you in my New In post and most of you wanted to see what is inside the box. In the Beauty To Go box there is 47 eye shadows, 5 face colors, 6 blushers, 2 bronzers, 2 powders for face, 4 concealers, 2 eye shadow bases, 1 mascara, 2 liquid liner, 1 eye pencil, 2 lip pencils, 6 lip colors and 6 lip gloss pots. I think we can agree that there is more then enough product inside. I don't know how much of each product there is but the total weight is 212,5 g / 7, 49 oz. Let's look at everything more closely. 

This is how the outside of the box looks. It comes in nice black cardboard box with lace detail in down corner. The box itself looks exactly the same, it is made of hard plastic ( please excuse the shadows you see on it ). One very helpful thing is that when you look at the back of cardboard box there is a picture of every product in the box with the little sign which explains what is what.

When you first open the box you can only see the top layer -  right part of the box from the picture below, the one with bronzers, powders and eye shadows. When you open all layers this is how it looks: 

Now we are going from left to right and we will first look at two rows of eye shadows. As you can see the colors are mostly neutral but there are few vivid colors.

First row:

Second row:

Now the right side of the box. In the first row we have 2 bronzers and 2 face powders. In second and third row we have more eye shadows. Grey and brown tones prevail again.

First row:

Second row:

Third row:

As you can see most of the eye shadows are neutral with exception of few colors. Since I prefer natural and earthy tones I like the it and I use most of these colors. You can find everything you need for complete look, there are highlight colors, crease colors and lid colors. There is nothing to worry about and you can wear them day and night. Opacity of these eye shadows on it's own is medium but with eye shadow base they last all day long. 

Next segment contains lip gloss pots, mascara, eye pencil, lip pencils and eyeliner.

Lip gloss pots are not very opaque and they are more appropriate for day time or just a casual makeup look.With that being said  I think I will just throw one of these in my bag and it will be nice to have it around.

Mascara, eyeliner and pencils are the products I will probably use the least. Just because they are not appealing as much as the rest of the box to reach for it only because of them. 

The last layer of the box contains blushers in first row, lip colors in second row and eye shadow base and concealers in third row.

The opacity of blushers is great, I can really see myself wearing all of them. They look really beautiful on the cheeks. Only down side is that it is little bit hard to reach them with most brushes but I will try to ignore that and use them anyway.

The lip colors also look very nice. Like lip gloss pots they give light coverage but they are very good for day makeup and this is how I use them.

The last thing I will mention is the third row with two eye shadow bases and four concealers.I can't tell you a lot about concealers because I  don't really use them but I have used 2 eye shadow bases and they are very good.

Overall I'm very happy with Nyx Beauty To Go. I may not use every single product that's inside but I am using the most of them. It might be too big for traveling but with this box you can make the whole makeup look using only these products which is great. I know this will never be only thing I use but it will definitely be fun to play with it.

What do you think about it? If you have any questions about it just ask me and I will be happy to answer to all of them!
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