Monday, September 30, 2013

Project 365 ( 126 - 132 )

Week 19...

Day 126: Hit the light.

Day 127: Plums

Day 128: Pictures and the walls.

Day 129: Time

Day 130: I don't have inspiration but I have a chocolate :))

Day 131: Memories.

Day 132: Last time like this...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

New in - September 2013

I skipped New In posts last two months because I had only few new products, somehow I managed make up for it in September :) My first buy in September was just few Balea products: Balea face wipes, hand soap, and hand cream. Also I got new Ebelin cotton pads and my usual hair conditioner from Loreal.

I didn't get anything from Avon for a while and when I was looking at their products there were few things I wanted. I got Solutions BB cream, Natural Rose face set: face cream, eye cream and a cleanser. I always like to try their hair products so I got Advance Techniques Strengthen & Protect Leave In Treatment. I love all of these product and it is very likely that I dedicate a post to them.

Here is usual Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in 535. I've been using this hair color for years and it is amazing. Any other hair color washes away after a month but not this one. Love it!

I already showed you some pictures of Essence Oktoberfest products and now they are finally with me. I use nail polishes the most and I found a great purpose for makeup bag. It is really small for makeup but I keep my hair pins in it and it is my bag all the time. 

I got Rebecca Bonbon In Paris. This is my first touch with this brand and it is not bad at all. This will be very nice everyday perfume. 

If you look at picture above and pic bellow you can see that I'm set with shower gels for a very long time. I know that is not going to stop me for buying more but what can I say...These are the products I'm sure I will use up. I have Treacle Moon shower gels that I tried for first time...

...and I Love...Juicy Watermelon and two more Balea shower gels.

My second Avon buy: Avon Senses Lagoon body scrub which smells amazing, AT Dry Ends Serum and Anew BB cream. When I test Anew BB cream a little bit more I will probably make a post about it, together with  Solutions BB cream.

If you thought that I didn't buy any nail polish...well, here it is Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 116.

Last two products are Balea deo spray and Balea shower gel ( yes another one! ). I wanted to try Balea deo spray because I had a bad experience with them and I wanted to see if something is different. After trying this I can say that I'm positively surprised. Nothing can replace Dove but is good to make a change sometimes.

Do you have any of these products?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Project 365 ( 119 - 125 )

Week 18...very busy and exhausting with no internet most of the time.

Day 119: My precious.......

Day 120: Going to work.

Day 212: Car drive

Day 122: New coffee maker

Day 123: Welcome new babies!!

Day 124: Tasty and photogenic fruit!

Day 125: Green leafs, last day of summer!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Empty #10

Loreal Elvital Total Repair shampoo - I repurchased this shampoo few times so far and I will buy it again. Usually I come back to every Loreal shampoo I buy.

Balea Limetta and Green tea liquid soap - I love Balea soaps, every time I buy different scent. This one smells really, really nice so I might buy it again.

Alverde coconut and lotus shower peeling - I had this product for a long time but I liked it very much. I don't use body peelings or scrubs as much as I should but this one is really great and I will probably repurchase this product.

 Balea shower lotion Beautiful Berries - I bought this product because I wondered how does shower lotion combo works. I wasn't impressed with it at all. As a shower gel it is not bad but as body lotion it isn't anything special.

Loreal mini conditioners - I got this two minis from Loreal Casting Cream Gloss ( they are supposed to be in my empties too but I threw away the box ). Just like any Loreal hair product I love them!

Bebe face cream for normal skin - I don't use Bebe products as much but they never disappoint me. This face cream was pretty good and I will repurchase it for sure. Usually I used it at night before going to sleep. 

Essence blush souffle Prima Ballerina - this is one of my all time Essence favorites. I didn't use it at all when I first bought it but for last few months it was my go to blush. Looks so pretty and natural and Essence must take this blush and make it regular! I think I would buy few backups because it is that good. 

Essence nail polish remover

Ebelin cotton pads

Now the sad part....I used up three more nail polishes:
China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara
OPI Exuse Moi!
Sally Hansen Strobe Light

First two nail polishes were among my favorites and I had them on my nails so many times. I hoped that I will be able to wear them at least one more time but what can you do...As for Sally Hansen Strobe Lights...something weird happened...I had it on my nails only ONE time and this is how it looks! I have no idea why...

This is how I felt when I lost 3 glitters in one day:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

First I realized Sally Hansen is gone and then I saw that there are no hope for CG and OPI :(

That's it for my empties for now, what about yours?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Essence Be Loud! glitter - Not Punky Nor Funky

I saw Essence Be Loud! trend edition few days ago. I controlled myself when I saw two beautiful blushers but I went home with something. I bought glitter nail polish Not Punky Nor Funky. Since I finished my bottle of Circus Confetti I don't have anything like this so I figured  this can pass as justify buy (  yeah, right! ). Anyway let's look at the nail polish bottle we have here. Essence Not Punky Nor Funky is glitter or as the label says graffiti topper. There is  multisize and multicolored hex, square, bar and micro glitter. The colors are black, pink, holo silver. Not a lot but on your nails it seems more colorful that it sounds. 

I tried it immediately after I bought it. I already had Essence Ice, Ice Baby on my nails and I used Not Punky Nor Funky as top coat. I wasn't impressed with the result at all, with light purple / pink base it's not appealing at all. It is not ugly but it definitely isn't something I would love to wear again. Later I tried it with black base and that was a different story. It looks so much better and that is the way I would wear this, but I guess I will mostly use this nail polish for nail art.

Did you tried Be Loud trend edition? Do you like Not Punky Nor Funky?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Project 365 ( 112 - 118 )

Week 17...

Day 112: School :)

Day 113: NOTD with Golden Rose 330 and Wet n Wild Sparkled

Day 114: Tribal scarf

Day 115. Beautiful trees

Day 116: Finally started Lauren Kate's Torment .

Day 117: Love it!

Day 118: Caffe time!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Season 2013 / 14 schedule - premieres

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally new TV season is just  around the corner! You know I can't wait!! Some shows already started but most of them will start in next week or two. I believe that this is full list of premieres for September and October 2013! I hope this is helpful to you as much as is to me :D

It's always sunny in Philadelphia
The League

8.9 2013.
Boardwalk Empire

Sons Of Anarchy

13.9. 2013.

Downton Abby

Sleepy Hollow

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Mindy Project
New Girl

Last Man Standing
The Neighbors

How I Met Your Mother
2 Broke Girls
The Blacklist

The Agents Of SHIELD
Chicago Fire
Lucky 7
NCIS Los Angeles
Person Of Interest
The Goldbergs
Trophy Wife

Back In The Game
Criminal Minds
CSI Las Vegas
Law And Order: SVU
Modern Family
The Middle

Grey's Anatomy
Parks & Recreation
The Big Bang Theory
The Crazy Ones
The Michael J. Fox Show
Two And A Half Man

27.9. 2013.
Blue Bloods
Hawaii Five-0

American Dad
Bob's Burgers
Eastbound And Down
Family Guy
Hello Ladies
Masters Of Sex
Once Upon A Time
The Good Wife
The Mentalist
The Simpsons

We Are Man

Super Fun Night

The Millers
Sean Saves The World
The Originals
The Vampire Diaries
Welcome To The Family

6.10. 2013.
Witches Of East End

Hart Of Dixie
Beauty And The Beast


American Horor Story
The Tomorrow People

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

The Walking Dead

17. 10.2013.
White Collar


25.10. 2013.
The Carrie Diaries

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Essie Naughty Nautical

One of my favorite nail polishes this summer was Essie Naughty Nautical, which was part of Essie limited edition with the same name. Beautiful blue green with loads of shimmer. The color is very beautiful and summer appropriate, it looks a little bit different in different light. In the sunlight looks more blue while under artificial light it looks more green. Ether way it is gorgeous!

Application is very easy and the nail polish dries fast! 2 coats are enough for full opacity.

Which nail polish was your favorite this summer?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer 2013 favorites

Summer is gone and here are the products I used and loved the most this summer!

Schwarzkopf Got2Be Rocking It! dry shampoo replaced Balea dry shampoo I used before. I really love this one, my hair looks really nice after I use it. Another thing is that Muller has 50% off on this one every few weeks so that is really good way to save money.

Laura Vandini Pearl body shimmer was definitely my favorite body lotion. I thought that there is no way I wil use anything except Balea Summer Glam but here it is. Pearl gives your skin perfect shimmery glow and it has really nice texture.

p2 Illuminate Me makeup base is my favorite for a while. I hope I will be able to put my hands on it again when I use up this tube. This is the best makeup base I tried so far, if I have p2 base on my face I don't have to worry about my foundation going anywhere. Awesome product!

Avon AT Moroccan Argan Oil leave in treatment is the product I tried for the first time this summer. At this point I think I will come back to it for years to come! I will tell you more about my impressions in separate post very soon.

Yellow nail polishes were on my nails the most this summer. I don't have one specific favorite but yellow was the color of summer for me!

Essence Prima Ballerina blush souffle is one of the best Essence products ever!! Such a shame it was limited edition and I almost used it up. I hope Essence will come up with something like this in future.

Essence To Die For palette is honestly a must have. I didn't use a lot of makeup this summer and when it comes to eyeshadow I was using this one almost exclusively. 

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash was a summer hit. Bold and beautiful, one of my favorite lipsticks!

Catrice Matt About Pink is the first matte lipstick that I own. Beside Maybelline Fuchsia Flash I was reaching for this one the most.

MUA Extreme Curl mascara is one of those great MUA buys. This one is great for me, sometimes I have hard time finding a good mascara with my small eyes and tiny lashes but this one works really good!

Did you tried any of these products? What were your favorites?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Project 365 ( 105 - 111 )

Week 16...

Day 105: It is getting dark.

Day 106: Fun time with friends.

Day 107: Bubbles.

Day 108:  Beautiful sky.

Day 109: No inspiration today :D

Day 110: Wake me up!

Day 111:  :))
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