Sunday, September 22, 2013

Empty #10

Loreal Elvital Total Repair shampoo - I repurchased this shampoo few times so far and I will buy it again. Usually I come back to every Loreal shampoo I buy.

Balea Limetta and Green tea liquid soap - I love Balea soaps, every time I buy different scent. This one smells really, really nice so I might buy it again.

Alverde coconut and lotus shower peeling - I had this product for a long time but I liked it very much. I don't use body peelings or scrubs as much as I should but this one is really great and I will probably repurchase this product.

 Balea shower lotion Beautiful Berries - I bought this product because I wondered how does shower lotion combo works. I wasn't impressed with it at all. As a shower gel it is not bad but as body lotion it isn't anything special.

Loreal mini conditioners - I got this two minis from Loreal Casting Cream Gloss ( they are supposed to be in my empties too but I threw away the box ). Just like any Loreal hair product I love them!

Bebe face cream for normal skin - I don't use Bebe products as much but they never disappoint me. This face cream was pretty good and I will repurchase it for sure. Usually I used it at night before going to sleep. 

Essence blush souffle Prima Ballerina - this is one of my all time Essence favorites. I didn't use it at all when I first bought it but for last few months it was my go to blush. Looks so pretty and natural and Essence must take this blush and make it regular! I think I would buy few backups because it is that good. 

Essence nail polish remover

Ebelin cotton pads

Now the sad part....I used up three more nail polishes:
China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara
OPI Exuse Moi!
Sally Hansen Strobe Light

First two nail polishes were among my favorites and I had them on my nails so many times. I hoped that I will be able to wear them at least one more time but what can you do...As for Sally Hansen Strobe Lights...something weird happened...I had it on my nails only ONE time and this is how it looks! I have no idea why...

This is how I felt when I lost 3 glitters in one day:

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First I realized Sally Hansen is gone and then I saw that there are no hope for CG and OPI :(

That's it for my empties for now, what about yours?


  1. Ohh wow, don't worry if I find your nail polishes in my Sally H I will definitely sent it to you =)

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. svaka cast na potrosenom! pogotovo na lakovima :)

  3. Essence blush souffle Prima Ballerina was my favourite to use in the summer, but I still have plenty of it. But it's true, that I started to use more other blushes lately.

  4. Poor glitter babies! I have read about glitter polishes gone bad, even holos, all the glitter sinks in the bottom and it's impossible to restore. Don't worry doll, you have so many other lovely glitters :D

  5. ja sam juce vidjela da se moja ljubav, Gabrini 367 osusio :( :'(


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