Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Essence Be Loud! glitter - Not Punky Nor Funky

I saw Essence Be Loud! trend edition few days ago. I controlled myself when I saw two beautiful blushers but I went home with something. I bought glitter nail polish Not Punky Nor Funky. Since I finished my bottle of Circus Confetti I don't have anything like this so I figured  this can pass as justify buy (  yeah, right! ). Anyway let's look at the nail polish bottle we have here. Essence Not Punky Nor Funky is glitter or as the label says graffiti topper. There is  multisize and multicolored hex, square, bar and micro glitter. The colors are black, pink, holo silver. Not a lot but on your nails it seems more colorful that it sounds. 

I tried it immediately after I bought it. I already had Essence Ice, Ice Baby on my nails and I used Not Punky Nor Funky as top coat. I wasn't impressed with the result at all, with light purple / pink base it's not appealing at all. It is not ugly but it definitely isn't something I would love to wear again. Later I tried it with black base and that was a different story. It looks so much better and that is the way I would wear this, but I guess I will mostly use this nail polish for nail art.

Did you tried Be Loud trend edition? Do you like Not Punky Nor Funky?


  1. Meni se bas svidja, al to ti kaze neko kome se oci razdragano rasire cim vidi sljokice :-))

  2. nice :D
    muller pretpostavljam, ili si opet vani?

  3. I'm not sure if we get this but I do love the look of it, I'm really back into matting glitters at the moment and this would be gorgeous!

  4. I liked it on promo potos, but I have to admit, that swatches didn't impressed me. I'll skip it, because I doubt I'll wear it.


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