Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Essence Oktoberfest goodies

My boyfriend is in Germany at the moment and he came across Essence Oktoberfest Trend Edition. He knows that is something I would check out so he got me few things. He was also kind to take few photos for my blog :D I like everything he picked up and I can't wait to see everything in person. I don't have swatches for you but I hope you will like the pictures!

I Mog Di

First thing I have here is eyeshadow and lip gloss palette. It contains two shimmer eye shadows: pink and purple and mini lip gloss. I think I will use purple eyeshadow the most but mini lip gloss will be something that I will keep in my bag. The package is really cute!

Servus, Gruzi & Hallo!

Servus, Gruzi & Hallo! lip balm is the thing I can't wait to try. Since last winter I love pot lip balms and I've never tried Essence so I'm really looking forward to that. All I can say about this product at the moment is that it smells very nice at least for my boyfriend standards ( he is not sure is it vanilla or chocolate though :D )

Herzl;  Bussal; Mauserl; Spatzl

Next are four nail polishes. Purple, green, pink and red. Two of them are cream: Herzl and Spatzl and two are shimmery: Bussal and Mauserl ( or like my boyfriend said...these two have dots inside and the other two have nothing ).

Fesches Mad!

So I have another blush! I can't say I'm sad about it! How cute is this?? I can't wait to try it because just looking at it makes me optimistic about it. If it is anything like the rest of Essence blushers it will be great!

Dirndl Queen

This cute makeup bag looks awesome. It seems to be really small but I know it will be useful! Love it!

Do you like Oktoberfest TE? Did you tried any of these products?


  1. I have seen the LE and the purse is truly small, but cute.
    I love how your boyfriend describes things like nailpolishes :) He sounds nice :)

  2. waw tnx 4 the post now i wont have to look for them becouse the promo pictures are so unreliable and these polishes realy dont look that special - thou i am in love with the heart box :)

  3. sve je medeno ali kako tvoj dečko opisuje lakove mi je najbolje :D

  4. They have dots inside!! =DDD If that isn't the cutest description I don't know what is =DD As for the products, I'll have to see them in person, I know I don't NEED anything more, but maybe something really catches my eye... =P

  5. I'm really looking forward for the blush review, because it looks so cute, but I'm not sure if it's worth buying. :) And the make up bag looks so adorable, too bad that it's so small. :D

  6. dobar dečko, čak je primjetio 'točkice' u lakovima ;)

  7. Wait, he bought all these goodies AND took photos of them? He is great!! I think you can use the little makeup bag for coins or hair pins and stuff like that :)

  8. Ah that is so cute that he bought those for you and took the photographs for you! Everything looks lovely x

  9. savrsenstvo od kolekcije! ali rumenilo mi je <3

  10. I saw this collection in Austria and I loved eyeshadow and gloss palette, it looks so cute, but I knew, I don't need it, so I didn't buy it.

  11. Thanks for lovely comments girls <3


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