Saturday, September 8, 2012

TV show summer: True Blood, Bunheads, Pretty Little Liars, Dallas and Teen Wolf

Time for quick summer TV shows recap! There are some SPOILERS!

True Blood

When I look back at True Blood Season 5 I can say that I'm happy with it. Season 5 is not the best True Blood season at all but I think it is much better then season 4. Season 4 was in my opinion really messy and all that mess was still there at the beginning of the season 5. There was too many characters and too many stories. At the middle of the season and towards the end all the stories start to have more sense and they started to complement each other. ( Still I don't see the point of Arlene and Terry but fine, I can live with that. ) Season finale was good even though I don't like that Bill now became Billith I have no idea how will they make him "normal" after everything that has happened. My favorite thing about season finale is that old Lafayette is finally back. All that brujo staff was totally unnecessary.
The most important thing about True Blood to me is that this is fun show to watch. I just love all crazy dialog and situations. That is still here. Eric, Pam and Jessica were great as always but characters that made me laugh the most this season were Russel and Steve. I'm looking forward to the season 6 next summer.


Bunheads is one of new TV shows this summer. I love it, it is very happy and relaxing show. Very summer appropriate. As much as I like it I wish that there is more attention to the characters and their relations, you can't base the hole episode on coffee machine. I like that this show is so sugary but I hope season 2 will be little bit deeper. 

Pretty Little Liars

I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. I hate that they go in circles all the time and that they don't every relieve anything important. Then again, there is something about it that keeps me watching.  Finally after two seasons they have to give some answers, and I have to admit that the end of finale episode was shocking to me. I really didn't see it coming. I still think there's a catch behind big revelation but they have my attention and I'm looking forward to Halloween episode and second part of the season. 


Dallas is also one of new TV shows this summer. I've seen the first season and I seriously doubt that I will continue to watch it ( Season 2 is coming in midseason ).  Most of the time this show was annoying, there was so many intrigues and one episode you have one thing going on and the next everything goes in different direction. In the morning everybody loves each other and by the night they stab each other in the back. At the times the show wasn't bad but this is too much for me. I'm not big soap lover and this is just not my kind of a show. Next!

Teen Wolf

One of the shows I was watching this summer was Teen Wolf. I love it and I'm not a shamed to admit it. Any more :D When this show came out last summer I said to myself there is no way that I will start to watch something that is called Teen Wolf. Besides, it is MTV bad could it be. Of course I crashed under pressure (but  to tell you the truth and I'm not just defending myself I'm easy to crash when it comes to TV shows). Before season 2 started I watched first season which was surprisingly good. There is no procrastination and the cast of this show is gorgeous. Acting in the other hand is not very good but nobody cares. I'm pretty sure that nobody is watching this because of the plot, if you know what I mean?

If you watch Teen Wolf you know that you have to adjust your expectations. Every now and then there is some epic trash scene ( cell phone in the pool was my favorite ) but all that is what makes so much fun. Season 3 is approved! I can't wait! 

What  were you watching this summer?


  1. Od tih serija pratim True Blood i tek sam pocela 5-tu sezonu i Pretty little liars gdje sam tek negdje na kraju prve sezone i vec se nerviram sto znam da odgovora nece i nece biti...Ali vuce me pa ne mogu prestati gledati.Inace pratim jos i Borgias i The game of thrones,i zeljno iscekujem novu sezonu The Vampire diaries :-)

  2. Cim ti o serijama, eto mene tu :)
    PLL su mi skroz dobre i jedva cekam nastavak a balerine mi dodju neso kao zamena za <3 of Dixie :)
    Ja cekam SOA, vampire i dobru zenu s' nestrpljenjem :))

    1. Balerine su i meni zamjena za HOD :)
      I ja jedva čekam početak nove sezone serija, ljeto bude ok al ipak od jeseni kreće ono najbolje :)

  3. lazljivice sam počela gledat i pratila sam ih skoro do kraja ali ostale navedene serije nisam gledala. svidjela mi se ona o navijačicama,neznam kako se zove,vise je nema a bila mi je super

    1. Hellcats? Pogledala sam samo prvu epizodu, možda jednom nastavim i dalje.

  4. Thanks for the recaps, Ana! I don’t have much interest in most of these shows, but I have my Hopper DVR set to record any new episodes of True Blood that come on. It’s kind of my guilty pleasure. I work late nights at DISH so I don’t get to watch my shows until I get home, but since it’s that late I can watch the show in peace because my kids have already gone to bed.


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