Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! 
I have already shown you my Halloween manicure and now is time for something really random.In Croatia Halloween isn't celebrated that much so I don't have anything special to share with you today but I will dedicate my Halloween post to some supernatural characters we love! Vampires, werewolfs, witchs...they are very, very popular and so many books, movies and TV shows are inspired by them. Maybe I should post something more scary but maybe some other time :) 

Let's start with vampires.... you remember Angel and Spike?

Now we have Stefan and Damon :)

...don't forget about Bill and Eric!

There is Cullen family...

...and now girl power...Katherine, Caroline and would be so hard to choose favorite...

Now it is time for werewolfs!

Alcide is here...

...Mason and Tyler too!

Jacob Black couldn't miss this fest...

Time for witches!!!

Here is my favorite HP trio...

and Bonnie...

Hope you like this post...if not sorry for this huge picture spam :) Maybe you don't know some of these characters but you can at least enjoy the pictures!!


  1. Love True Blood!!!


  2. love that post..but HP is the best :)

  3. I love TVD and HP! And Twilight of course!! Great post!


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