Thursday, October 13, 2011

E.l.f. last 50 % off haul

Few weeks ago E.l.f. had last 50% off, I knew I have to take that opportunity. That was my first e.l.f. order, but I spend so many time looking the products and it was hard to choose which products to order this time and which products I will put on hold. You can see on the picture above all the products I got: blush brush, blending brush, eye crease brush, blush and bronzer compact, face primer, eyeshadows and lip gloss. Beside the pictures I will quickly give you my opinion about the products.

First let's look brushes little bit closer. I got three brushes: blush brush, blending brush and eye crease brush. Eye crease brush is my favorite from these three brushes. I used it few times and I think it is pretty good, it is really easy to apply eyeshadow with it and it does the work very well. Other two brushes are not bad, I wish that blush brush is little bit bigger. 

Blush and bronzer compact is the product that I really like. I love the blush, it looks very pretty on my skin tone, perfect for every day use. Bronzer is little bit too dark for me, but I believe that I will be able to wear it  during the summer when my skin gets tanned a little bit.

Mineral infused face primer is the product that I was anticipating the most and after testing it few times I can say that I'm satisfy with the results. When I apply it my skin is really smooth and it keeps foundation longer on my face. 

I decided to try two eyeshadows Coffee Bean and Pebble. You can see swatch on picture below. The colors are very pretty but they are not very pigmented, especially Pebble.  

In the end I had to try at least one lip gloss, my choice was Minty Lip Gloss New York. The color is very nice, you can wear it alone if you want simple pink shine on your lips but I think that it is better in combination with other lip products. This one give nice finish touch.  


  1. dobar haul... ja sam se mislila i mislila, i dok sam se smislila, ode popust ;-D

  2. I meni su super njihove četkice za oči, kist za rumenilo je ok,ali mislim da ima i boljih :)

  3. You chose well, every item looks great! I love the blush and bronzer duo and the brushes!


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