Monday, July 23, 2012

My nail polish stash: green

Finally I'm going to continue My nail polish stash posts! Today is time for green nail polishes. I have to tell you that I was surprised when I realized that I have 14 green nail polishes, I was almost sure that it will be half of that...Now when I'm thinking I know that that is not possible and this is the right number but I'm still little bit surprised because in general I don't like green nail polishes. I use them time to time and there are few that I really like but green just isn't my favorite color...Before we move on to the pictures I want to say that I had hard time with these pictures and they are accurate as they can be, I tried to get the realistic swatch but you probably know that  green is not very willing to cooperate, so in the end pictures came out okay but  last five polishes are not very good...I hope you don't mind 

Avon Color Trend Jungle Green - This is one of the nail polishes I have the longest, I used to use it more often and the bottle is almost empty - but I can't remember when was that exactly because it has been a long time since I had it on my nails :) The best way to describe the color is - military green.
Catrice Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! - Creamy lime green nail polish with one of the best nail polish name ever!!
Essence Colourbration - from Crazy Good Times trend edition. Another lime green nail polish, the difference is that this one is little bit darker then the previous and it has a lot of beautiful shimmer.
Essence Iced Mint Frappe - Beautiful minty color. Great pastel for spring and summer. Love it!
Essence King Of Mints - from You Rock trend edition. Similar to the previous color, the difference is that King Of Mints has shimmer and the color is little bit darker. Between this and previous one I like Iced Mint Frappe more.

Catrice Sold Out For Ever - original version. One of the best light greens out there. Beautiful color with loads of subtle green shimmer.
Color Club Glitter Envy - This is without a doubt my favorite green nail polish. It is absolutely stunning! Bright green with loads of golden glitter. This is probably only green polish that I'm in love with!
Basic Beauty Nr. 65 - It took me a lot of time to actually try this nail polish on my nails, I often wondered why did I bought it but all went away first time I had it on my nails. Green with a lot of golden shimmer, very pretty!!
Sinful Colors Athens - Another one that I really love. Beautiful dusty green with creamy finish!

P2 Artful - Very nice and bright green. I would say this is a classic green but if you look at my pictures you can't really see that. I wanted to dedicate a post to Artful long time ago but every time pictures turn out bad...However nice color, if you are green lover this would be perfect for you.
Essence Bella - Looks a lot like P2 Artful, just a little bit darker. Unfortunately doesn't look realistic on my pictures, in reality it is much brighter and prettier.
Essence Crazy Me - from Crazy About Color trend edition. Darker version of Bella. One of those colors that I love but anywhere except my nails 
Essence Choose Me - One of most popular Essence nail polishes. This is a dupe for OPI Catch Me In Your Net and Zoya Charla. Wonderful color, one of my favorite greens. ( On wheel below looks totally blue  )
Essence Back To Paradise - from Return To Paradise trend edition. Dark green nail polish which I don't use a lot...

So, that would be it!
Do you like green nail polishes? Which one is you favorite?


  1. neke od ovih ne bih uvrstila u zelembaće, ali dobro izgledaju :-D

    1. Slažem se da ima boja o kojima bi se moglo raspravljat al ja ove doživljavam zeleno pa sam ih stavila u skupinu zelenih :)


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