Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Essence Hello Marshmallow!, Miss Universe and Prom-Berry

Essence came up with few new nail polish shades for spring. I have three of them ( on the first picture ) : Hello Marshmallow!, Prom-Berry and Miss Universe. It seams to me that Essence changed the formula. Whatever they did I love it, application and formula of these nail polishes is great. As usual I applied 2 coats for full opacity. 

Hello Marshmallow!

Hello Marshmallow is beautiful pastel purple, this is great for spring but since I really love pastels this will be the one I will wear the most from three polishes I have here. If you look at the picture very carefully you can see there is very nice blue and rosy shimmer. Application and formula are great!

Miss Universe

Miss Universe was  the shade I knew I will reach for when I saw first press photos. This is also shimmery nail polish, this one has loads of green and blue shimmer. On my pictures it turns out more blue but reality is that this is more green then blue. Miss Universe reminds me on Essence Choose Me a little bit but they are not the same at all, a bit similar but far away from being dupes. This one didn't apply as easy as Hello Marshmallow! because the formula is little bit ticker but it is not bad at all.


The last one is Prom-Berry, this is the one I wouldn't buy by myself but my boyfriend chose it for me. I almost never wear dark purple on my nails and to tell you the truth I wasn't very excited to try Prom-Berry. But, this one has great formula and it looks so pretty on my nails. It is shiny and it has a micro shimmer which is not that visible but I guess that what is makes it so beautiful. Purple nail polishes usually don't cooperate with my camera and they always turn out blue on my pictures, this one was no exception. So, imagine it exactly like on picture above but instead of blue imagine purple.

Did you tried new Essence nail polishes?


  1. prom-berry ist eine super farbe, ob mit kurzen oder langen nägeln. einfach genial :) lg Di Ana

  2. pravo da ti kažem, ne znam za kojeg bih se prvog odlučila, svi mi se sviđaju... možda za prvog, ovih dana sam raspoložena za svjetlije nijanse :D

  3. Prom-Berry mi izgleda fantastično, ne znam kako to da ga već nemam :D

  4. Miss Universe is jus stunning!

  5. Miss Universe is the prettiest one. :)

  6. Ah ti dečki i njihovo biranje lakova :D Ali i meni je baš taj najljepši :)

  7. I have tried Miss Universe & Prom-Berry and I really like them both, Prom-Berry reminds me of a polish I wore when I was 14 or 15 from Spectacular! I like your swatch of Hello Marshmallow, I might try that one next :)


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