Monday, March 18, 2013

Born pretty Store review: 12 colors nail art glitter powder

Few days ago I posted a review of one Born Pretty Store product I received and today I will show you the second product I got. It is a 12 colors nail art glitter powder acrylic UV gel. If you follow my blog you could already see that I'm huge glitter fan and you can see that it is not a surprise that I chose this product. So, there is 12 pots filed with glitter. I like that there is good variety of colors and I'm sure it will be fun to do some nail art with these. The colors are: purple ( light and dark ), silver, yellow, green, orange, red, blue, gold, pink, white and black.

Today I tried the glitter on my nails for the first time. First I applied Essence Party Princess and then I sponged Essence Ahoy, Essence Stamp Me! Silver, Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever and I added a top coat. After everything dried I applied clear top coat again but this time only in the middle over white and silver and I applied white glitter. It was easy to work with it and I'm happy with the end result. When I applied the glitter I took a piece of paper to work over it because that way is easier to put excess glitter back into the pot.

When I received the glitter I remembered I have few Miss Selene  nail polishes with clear base and heart / star glitter. I don't use them because it is almost impossible to apply glitter on my nails because the amount of glitter inside is too small...

I added red and light and darker purple glitter inside and it looks much  better. Now I have to to the same thing with few other Miss Selene polishes that I have. Next time I will use powder and some different size glitter and I will finally start using these polishes. When I do that I will definitely post some pictures :D Here is how the above nail polish looks now:

If you decide to shop at Born Pretty Store you can use code DCL91 to get 10% off.

Do you like glitter powder nail art?


  1. Jedva čekam postove s novosmiješanim lakićima!!!

  2. s glitterima se uvijek da zabavit ;)
    volim i vidit kakve su ljudi smućkali frankene, obavezno pokaži :D

  3. amazing!
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  4. @ girly girl i nail crazy
    Čim uhvatim malo vremena bacam se na mućkanje, naravno sve ću staviti na blog!

    @ in.the.jungle.of.fashino.
    Thank you!


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