Monday, March 11, 2013

Born Pretty Store review: Nail art striping tape

After my last Born Pretty Store review they asked me to review two more products of my choice. First product I chose and the one I will show you today is Color line nail art striping tape design lines. I received one striping tape in color pink. ( On picture bellow you can see other colors they have. ) When striping tapes became popular I wasn't very interested in them but after seeing sooo many beautiful manicures with striping tapes I decided to give it a try!

When striping tape arrived I was in the middle of Once Upon A Time nail art challenge and I decided that the perfect time for the tape was when I had gradient manicure. So after I had gradient manicure for one day I decided to use a striping tape and black nail polish. Good thing was that since I already worn my mani for a day I could be completely sure that my mani is dry which is required for any kind of tape manicures. There are two ways to use striping tape, one is that you place the tape on your nails, cut the excess and leave it that way. The other way, which is much more interesting to me is what I did. All you have to do is paint your nails any way you want, wait for polish to dry completely, place a tape ( don't forget to cut the pieces first )  go over it with another nail polish, in my case black and while the polish is still wet remove the tape. It is the best to do one nail at the time because you have to make sure that you remove the top tape first.

I love how this technique looks combined with gradient manicure. I did every nail differently and I placed 2-3 tapes on each nail.

I'm sure I will use the tape again because I like how easy but effective my manicure was. I will probably do it again this way and what is also great is that I can have a mani for a day or two and then when I get tired of it or it starts to chip I can do a makeover with the tape! 
At Born Pretty Store you can find the striping tape and so many other nail art tools. If you find something you like and decide to place a order you can use code DCL91 to get 10% off.

Did you tried nail art striping tape? How do you use it?


  1. dobar posao, manikura predobro izgleda :D

  2. izgleda odlično a sebi svakako naručujem

  3. Jao pokušavam ovako nešto da napravim već dugo sa trakicama selotejpa, ali mi baš nikako ne ide :D Odlično izgleda! :)

  4. Odlično izgleda, sviđa mi se crno/ljubičasata kombinacija. :)

  5. Wow, such a nice blog you have here♥
    You can check out mine too, maybe you'd like to follow each other.
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. I really want to buy some of those things one day!


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