Sunday, March 24, 2013

OPI Goldeneye swatch and comparison with Sally Hansen Gilded Lily

Today I have a swatch of OPI Goldeneye from James Bond Collection. This beautiful nail polish isn't mine, it belongs to my cousin and I asked her to swatch it and since I have Sally Hansen Gilded Lily I figured I could make a little comparison because these two nail polishes look exactly the same. 
You can see my swatch of Gilded Lily here. OPI Goldeneye is shimmery golden nail polish, very pretty and I would say unique but that statement falls down because of Sally Hansen Gilded Lily. However, this is a beautiful and eye catching color. It is appropriate for anytime of year and any occasion, but I think it will be truly amazing for the summer!

Here are both polishes side by side...

As you can see they look exactly the same, if they are different that is completely negligible and I would say that they are 100 % dupes. The bottles are almost the same size ( Sally Hansen is 14.7 ml; OPI is 15 ml ). The only thing that is different is that Goldeneye is a little bit thicker then Gilded Lily but that doesn't affect  application and opacity.


  1. This color is really pretty. It matches perfectly with your skin tone. :)

  2. Beautiful color and definitely I can't see any difference between labels. :)


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