Sunday, November 27, 2011

Preview: Catrice Hidden World

Hidden World is new Trend Edition from Catrice and it is coming in January 2012. The collection contains nail polishes, eyeshadow souffle, lip glosses, blush mousse, illuminating base and a mirror!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kristen Stewart Breaking Down Part 1 promotion

Kristen Stewart is now promoting her new movie from Twilight saga: Breaking Down Part 1. Kristen is enjoying her spotlight and she is looking great as always!Here are some of her looks:

My favorite is J.Mendel gown Kristen wore in L.A.

Kristen's makeup was amazing as always...

In London Kristin wore beautiful Roberto Cavalli gown

Another amazing look by Kristen in Ellen DeGeneres Show

Beautiful Monique Lhuillier is classic Kristen Stewart dress :)

Marios Schwab dress was Kristen's choice for Hand And Footprint Ceremony

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swatch: China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara

China Glaze Eye Candy collection is full of beautiful glitter nail polishes, one of them is Lorelei's Tiara. I didn't like this one at first look, it looked ok but nothing special. Fortunately every time I saw at I liked it little bit more and now when it is mine I can say that I'm happy that I didn't skip it. Lorelei's Tiara is beautiful silver glitter with little bit of blue glitter ( which is little bit bigger). It looks pretty in the bottle but when you apply it on your nails looks ten times better. I'm looking at my nails all day long :) Combination of sliver and blue is gorgeous and it reminds on winter which makes Lorelei's Tiara perfect nail polish for this time of year!
2 coats are enough for full opacity!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vampire diaries - half way to the end of season 3

Vampire diaries is one of the TV shows that is on break until next year, to be precise until January 4. Since this is without a doubt my favorite TV show you can imagine that I can wait to see new episodes. We are now at Season 3 and thing are going great. Sometimes I am really fascinated with Vampire diaries because usually all the shows after season 1 or 2 are going down the road...but not this one. I find Vampire diaries as good as it was at the beginning when everything was shiny and new. I love how the story goes, I love all the shocking and unexpected moments, I love how all the characters are developing...I love that there are so many details and that you can't really predict what will happen next...and...of course I LOVE all the Delena moments. I know they last only a minute or less but they are always precious.

So, if you are into some vampire action, this is the show for you. Even if you don't like all the vampire fuss that is going on right now I would still recommend this show to anyone...even if you don't like SF/fantasy give this TV show a chance. Vampire diaries is definitely one of the best TV shows I've watched and believe  me I watched many, many shows. 
If you already watch Vampire diaries feel free to share your thoughts with me :))

Friday, November 18, 2011

Catrice Ultimate Color Frozen Rose

Catrice lipstick Frozen Rose is finally mine. I've been looking at it for months and I knew since I first saw it that Frozen Rose has to be mine but somehow I always went home without it. Catrice Frozen Rose is beautiful, soft shade of pink. This color is amazing for everyday use and I've been using it mostly in day time, but I also love to use it when I'm going out. Usually when I go out my makeup is all about the eyes and this soft color lipstick is goes perfectly with that. 
Frozen Rose lipstick is very comfortable to wear, it is moisturizing and smells pretty good. The product has very nice black plastic packing, it contains 3,8 g.

Unfortunately I only have two pictures for you today, lately it has been so hard for me to take good, realistic  pics so I will post only these two, hope you don't mind :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Essence Twins Bella and Edward

Essence Nail Art Twins are one of my favorite Essence nail polishes! I love the colors, love the glitter and I love the names. Today I will show you Bella and Edward. Since tonight I'm going to see the Breaking down Part 1 I think this two nail polishes are appropriate :) Bella is green creamy nail polish and this is the base nail polish, while Edward is green glitter topper. Together they look perfect! Usually I'm not a fan of green nail polishes, I have few of them but all of my green nail polishes are pastel or minty color this is something totally different...and totally beautiful. I love this shade of green, looks great alone and even better with glitter topper. Glitter topper is very beautiful, it has small green glitter and larger square glitter and it will also be very interesting in combination with other colors.
The polishes are easy to apply and each bottle contains 10 ml of product.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NOTD: Basic Beauty number 20

I love Basic Beauty nail polishes, mostly because they have amazing range of colors. Today on my nails is number 20. I love this shimmery purplicious pink color, looks so pretty in the bottle and even better on the nails. To me this is one beautiful color for fall, maybe you can't see that on the pictures very well but trust me...when I look at my nails they really remind me on fall.
The bottle contains 10 ml of product.

I will take this chance to show you some beautiful pictures I've taken few days ago...Fall isn't my favorite time of year but one thing that I really love about it is the nature. I adore when the color of the leafs turns into yellow and red... 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Award shows and red carpet beauties

There were so many award shows this week. What I love about award shows is the chance to see all the beautiful gowns on red carpet. It is always interesting to see who is wearing what and who did it right :)

Bambi Awards 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow was in Elie Saab. The dress is stunning and looks amazing on Gwyneth, only thing I don't like is the necklace...but since I love the dress so much I will just pretend I don't see the necklace :)

Lady Gaga was wearing Alexander McQueen gown. I love it, this is the prefect look for Gaga. I think she is one of the few people who could pull off something like this.

Country Music Awards 2011

Carrie Underwood looks beautiful in Reem Acra gown.

Taylor Swift was wearing J.Mendel

Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier

Latin Grammy Awards 2011

Zoe Saldana in Elie Saab...Zoe is always one of my favorites in red carpet, she looked so pretty in Elie Saab.

Demi Lovato in Roland Mouret


Sofia Vergara in Reem Acra

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beckham Intimately Yours For Her

Fragrance Intimately Yours by David and Victoria Beckham is one of the birthday gifts that I got this year. It was beautiful surprise from my cousin. Fragrance is a perfect gift but it is always little bit tricky when you don't know the taste of person the fragrance is for. In that situation I usually go with the classic all time perfumes or with brand new perfumes...In this occasion when I got the fragrance as a gift, I'm very happy because this is the fragrance that I absolutely love. When I got it it was the first time that I actually got in touch with not just this particular fragrance but with Beckham fragrances in general. I have to say that I'm always little bit suspicious to celebrity perfumes but this is really a nice surprise.

The scent is absolutely beautiful. I love floral and orient scents and this is exactly that. You can wear it at any occasion, day and night. Other thing that I think is important as much as the scent is how long does the fragrance last. There is nothing worst then having an amazing fragrance which is gone after 30 don't have to worry about that with Intimately Yours because it is long lasting. The bottle is very pretty and elegant, it reminds me on D&G The One.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Let's have a look at sexiest the fashion show...Victoria's Secret!

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