Sunday, November 6, 2011

Essence So Wanted + Just Can't Get Enough

Last week I finally bought Essence Re - mix Your Style two top coats. I tried Waking Up In Vegas first and I love, love, love it!! Now it is time to try holo finish top coat Just Can't Get Enough. I decided that the base color will be bright pink nail polish, also from Essence called So Wanted ( sadly this beautiful color is discontinued ).

I love the way these two polishes look together, you can see the color on the pictures very well because they turn out very realistic! What I love about this amazing Essence top coat is that it will be different every time you use it depending on a base color. You can really re-mix your style with it :) I would like that some of the top coats from Re-mix Your Style Trend Edition became regular because most of them sold out very, very quickly...especially Waking Up In Vegas. It would be great to have them regular.


  1. odlican je ovaj holo nadlak! nadam se da ce i kod nas stici uskoro :)

  2. Jedva čekam da dođu ovi lakovi kod nas!


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