Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vampire diaries - half way to the end of season 3

Vampire diaries is one of the TV shows that is on break until next year, to be precise until January 4. Since this is without a doubt my favorite TV show you can imagine that I can wait to see new episodes. We are now at Season 3 and thing are going great. Sometimes I am really fascinated with Vampire diaries because usually all the shows after season 1 or 2 are going down the road...but not this one. I find Vampire diaries as good as it was at the beginning when everything was shiny and new. I love how the story goes, I love all the shocking and unexpected moments, I love how all the characters are developing...I love that there are so many details and that you can't really predict what will happen next...and...of course I LOVE all the Delena moments. I know they last only a minute or less but they are always precious.

So, if you are into some vampire action, this is the show for you. Even if you don't like all the vampire fuss that is going on right now I would still recommend this show to anyone...even if you don't like SF/fantasy give this TV show a chance. Vampire diaries is definitely one of the best TV shows I've watched and believe  me I watched many, many shows. 
If you already watch Vampire diaries feel free to share your thoughts with me :))


  1. moram ti priznati da mi je ova serija bila najugodnije iznenađenje, ne sjećam se kad sam nešto ovako dobro vidila na tv-u... da ne spominjem games of thrones koji je ipak izvan konkurencije :-D
    ali, ako imaš namjeru pročitati i knjigu, radije ju preskoči, totalno bezvezna i nema ni najmanje veze sa serijom...
    i da, moram reći pa nek se fanovi twilighta ljute koliko hoće - ovo je za nekih 100 klasa bolje od te sage ;-D

  2. Slažem se s tobom u potpunosti :)
    Game of thrones isto gledam seriju ali nisam knjige čitala...


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