Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New in - October, November and December 2015

After a while of no posts at all I will come back with new products that I got last three months. I will start with my favorite part - lipsticks. I got Essence Pink & Perfect and two Maybelline Color Sensational Matt that I wanted to try for a while. I have two shades: Red Sunset and Magnetic Magenta. Three new lipsticks and three true beauties. I also have new nail polish after a while, it is Maybelline Color Show White Splatter. For now there is no pic but hopefully I will be able to upload it later.

On second pic you can see three more products. First one is Hipp Mama Massage Oil Sensitive because I will be a mom once again :) and this was a little gift from my sister in law. Next are two Essence product Smile You Are Pretty hand cream which looks and smells very pretty! Last one is old favorite Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder. I also have few products that can fit into this category but I don't have pic to show you for now. They are Ebelin cotton pads, Dove Orginal deo spray and Afrodita hand cream Almond, which is amazing. I use it all the time, it smells amazing, it is moisturizing and all I need is really small amount of product!

Next are Batiste dry shampoo for dark and deep brown hair with hint of color. I can't say much because I still didn't try it. First I want to use up my current Batiste dry shampoo bottle. Here I have Biobaza micellar which I like very much. 

Next three pics are only shower gels. I've been keeping myself from buying new shower gels for a very long time and after I used up big part of my stash it  was time to get some new :) So this is what I got: Balea Vanille & Cocos, Balea Frozen Breeze and Balea Frost Flower. As always they smell and they look gorgeous!

Next are Bettina Barty gels which I bought for the first time. I still didn't tried them but they smell very nice! I also have Today lavender scented shower gel.

For the end I have some Treacle Moon shower creams. I always enjoy them and this time will probably be the same! I have Sweet Apple Hugs and mini edition with The Raspberry Kiss, One Ginger Morning and Warm Cinnamon Nights.
Did you tried any of these products?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Empty #24

Avon Advance Techniques anti dandruff shampoo - My long time favorite, I don't have dandruff all the time juts occasionally. When that time comes I use this shampoo and it always helps. I just wash my hair with it few times in a row. If you have dandruff problem I definitely recommend it but I know for a fact that it doesn't help everyone...however it is worth  a try.

Loreal Elvital Color Glanc shampoo - here again!

Balea shower gels - very often in my Empties. Here I have Maracuya which is another very nice Balea shower gel and Coconut shimmery shower gel which I didn't like that much. Mostly because it was in the tube. The reason why I bought it was the fact that I thought it was shimmery but honestly I didn't see any shimmer, smells good.

Lush Snow Fairy shower gel - Now this is shimmery shower gel!! I love, love, love it! It has amazing candy scent and in my opinion popularity of this product is not overrated! Here is my post.

Essence Superheroes nail polish gel remover - I bought this product out of curiosity, I wondered how would gel remover work and if it is maybe better then regular removers. The answer is NO. To me this was such an annoying product but since it was only a remover and in the end it did the job I decided to finish the bottle. It is not practical and it so much easier to use "normal" liquid removers then gel removers. It also had glitter inside and no body knows why. I guess only positive thing would be that it lasts forever...or it would be if I like it.

Essence Soft & Natural liquid foundation - I bought this product by mistake, one time when I was in hurry...I replaced it for another product. However, it wasn't bad and I used it time to time for my daily makeup. If you need light coverage it was okay.

China Glaze Love Marilyn - when I bought this nail polish few years ago it looked completely different. Want prof? Click! It was one of my favorites at Christmas time. Few weeks ago I was going trough my nail polish stash and suddenly I see red China Glaze nail polish.I thought that was weird because I never had red cream China Glaze nail polish. I looked at the label and I realized that it completely changed. The glitter is not visible, the color is changed and it is completely thick. It is a shame because it was such a pretty color, but the bottle was almost empty so there is no much harm. Now I have to check my other glitters and hope that they survived over years.

Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner - amazing product. My favorite eyeliner and the product I will repurchase for sure! 
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