Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Essence Live, Laugh And Party

Essence Live, laugh And Party truly is party in the bottle. Multicolored different size glitter in sheer purple base. To tell you the truth I was hoping it will be opaque even though I assumed the base will be sheer. This is how it looks alone with two coats:

Not something, right? Very sheer and there almost no glitter. Like most Essence Effect nail polishes Live, laugh And Party is best as top coat. So you will get true beauty of this nail polish if you apply it over another color. In one of my previous posts about Essence glitters where I said that there is not enough glitter in them to look good on nails Shpeksyy gave me great advice. She said apply it with a sponge. That is what I did. I took a makeup sponge and applied Live, Laugh And Party on it and then applied it on my nails ( unfortunately I don't have photos ) and it looked great! Here is a little swatch on nail wheel. Look how awesome it looks! Purple base is not visible but there is loads of glitter! I love it! Another great thing is that it dries really quickly!

Now I can enjoy this and all my other Essence glitters because this is really amazing method and amazing nail polish to have fun with my nails! 
Do you like multicolored glitters? How do you apply them?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Project 365 vol 2: Week 32, 33 and 34

Day 215: Mom's tablecloth

Day 216: Dandelions.

Day 217: Plum trees.

Day 218: Blossom.

Day 219: Someone had a great birthday :)

Day 220: Easter bunnies on sale haha ;))))

Day 221: Grey's :)

Day 222: Grom.

Day 223: Cafe on the blanket.

Day 224: Husband and his  DIY :)

Day 225: Tuna salad!

Day 226: Ready for some swatches!

Day 227: Detail.

Day 228: Some new decoration.

Day 229: Just walking around...

Day 230: Cafe.

Day 231: Beautiful nature.

Day 232: In the woods!

Day 233: New nail polishes!

Day 234: Landscape...

Day 235: ...I'm ready!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

We have a winner!

And winner is.....

Congrats Mila!!! I will send you email and please respond in next 48 hours :)
Thanks everyone for participating! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Essence Brit Tea swatch and comparison: Pink To Go

Beautiful spring trend edition from Essence is in drugstores now. The collection looks very nice and for now I picked up one nail polish Pink To Go. I like pink and pastels so this is something I really love. I wasn't completely sure that it will be unique in my nail polish collection but I wanted it anyway. Fortunately I don't have anything like this. There are few polishes that are close but the shade is not exact and the finish is different. The finish of Pink To Go is something that makes this pink different then other. Pink To Go is shimmery matte nail polish. Sounds fun, right? Before I applied it I thought that this will be shimmery pink but when it dried, it dried matte. Even though I'm not biggest matte finish fan I like it, especially in the sun when shimmer is peeking out. It looks very pretty and I'm sure I will reach for Pink To Go many times during spring and summer.
I applied two coats.

I already mentioned that I have few similar shades in my collection. I decided to swatch them and share them with you. On photos bellow I have six nail polishes I thought will be good to compare with Essence Pink To Go. None of them is the same shade as Pink To Go and the thing that makes biggest difference is the finish.

I have: Essence Herzl, Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded, Catrice Sweets For My Sweets, Essence Flamingo Rose, Essence Pink To Go and OPI My Address Is Hollywood. I didn't find a dupe for Essence Pink To Go but I can tell you that Essence Herzl and Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded are pretty much the same thing. They are the same shade of pink, only difference is color of micro shimmer in it.

Did you get anything from Essence Brit Tea TE? Do you likepastel pink nail polishes?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beckham Intimately fragrance

My obsession with Fragrance Direct is on going. While we wait for new package with few new goodies it is right time to write about my last buy. Few years ago I got Beckham Intimately Yours as a birthday gift and I loved that fragrance so much. So much that I decided to get the original Intimately. This was one of those blind buys when I didn't tried the product before and I never tried the smell. I was so confident that I will like it because I was in love with Intimately Yours. Fortunately I wasn't wrong :)

Top notes of Intimately are rose, white flower and bergamot, middle notes are orange blossom, casablanca lily and tuberose. Base notes are vanilla, musk and sandalwood. Intimately is one of those beautiful floral scents, great for spring and nice scent to wear day and night. Another plus is that it is long lasting. The bottle is just like the scent itself elegant and pretty.
This is my second Beckham fragrance and after two great scents I'm open to try other fragrances they have. They have nice scents and they are not overpriced so I don't need to save them...I can spray all day long if I want :)

Did you tried Intimately? What is your favorite fragrance these days?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hart Of Dixie - the end

One of the sweetest shows on TV ended few weeks ago. Hart of Dixie had it's 4th season to wrap things up with 10 episodes. There was still a hope that the show might continue but everything in season 4 was showing that the show is ending and that is probably for the best. Because, no matter how sad I am about show ending it is better that we have less seasons and a proper ending then more episodes and story left unfinished.

Like I said to me Hart Of Dixie was one of the sweetest shows, the one I loved to watch with cup of cafe. Usually I had smile on my face entire episode. Easy going characters, atmosphere and plot were great combination. Also, there was beautiful Rachel Bilson in lead role. This show wasn't giving us anything new, life and love drama with few love triangles are the usual but this show had warmth and relaxing tone to it. It was always so easy to watch it. What I love about show like this one is that they made all the characters likable. In the beginning, back in season 1 there were few very annoying characters like Lemon, Brick, George...but soon that changed and it was indeed nice show to watch. In the end  everybody got their happy ending and if you ask me this is exactly the way it should end. I'm sad it is finish but on the other hand it was right time to say goodbye and the show ended before it was too late.  I'm sure that in a few years when I think of this show or catch it in TV it will bring back memories and it will nice to take a look at it again.

Did you watch Hart Of Dixie? How do you like the end?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Essie Boom Boom Room

Now when sun is finally out it is time for bright nails to come out too. Pink is always my go to color and Essie Boom Boom Room one of my favorites. Beautiful, bright Barbie pink is also a neon which makes it perfect summer color. On my photos you can see how Boom Boom Room looks with white base, it is brighter and you can get better coverage. When you wear it alone you have to be more careful when you apply it but you can get good coverage and brightness. However, it looks better with white base. On the photos I have one coat of white nail polish and two coats of Essie Boom Boom Boom. Sometimes I'm too lazy to apply white first but I have to say it really looks gorgeous, do you agree?

What is your favorite "sunny days" color?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Heart Makeup - I Heart Chocolate

Today I will show you another neutral, Earth tones eyeshadow palette. Yet another in my collection. I Heart Chocolate is sweet looking palette. It will get anyone's attention in a second and when you look inside it looks great too. This chocolate looking palette is made of hard plastic and it will keep the eyeshadows well protected. There are 16 eyeshadows, 10 shimmery and 6 matte, also there is big mirror which is always helpfull. Whey you open the palette there is foil over the shadows with the name for each shadow. It is a nice touch and another way to keep eyeshadows protected. 

The eyeshadows are good quality. I always wear them with eyeshadow base and they last whole day. Pigment is very good, only 3 lightest colors aren't that pigmented. Most of the colors in the palette are shades of brown with addition of green and purple. I Heart Chocolate is great for everyday looks but you can easily get more dramatic, night looks with it. 

The swatches, without base:

Not bad at all, right? If you looking for neutral palette this is a good buy especially if you consider the price ( 7,99 pounds ) and quality and amount of product ( 16 eyeshadows , 22 g total ). However I have to mention that I bought this palette with 3 other Makeup Revolution palettes ( Iconic 3Iconic 2Essential Mattes ) and between four palettes this one is my least favorite. Despite all that I will use it for sure.
Did you tried I Heart Chocolate palette? Do you like I Heart Makeup?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Project 365 vol 2: Week 28, 29, 30 and 31

First Happy Easter everyone!!!
And now lets look at past 4 weeks :)

Day 188: In Germany!

Day 189: Everyone has a drink :)

Day 190: Crossing the street!

Day 191: Somewhere in Austria...

Day 192: Everything Harry :) Some people never grow up haha :)

Day 193: Germany beauty haul!

Day 194: Salad :D

Day 195: NOTD

Day 196: Trees and water.

Day 197: Birds nests :)

Dy 198: 500!!!

Day 199: Sun is finally out!

Day 200: Butterfly!

Day 201: Lace detail.

Day 202: Magnets!

Day 203: Candy.

Day 204: Catching up...

Day 205: One more tree photo....

Day 206: Spring flowers.

Day 207: Mess.

Day 208: ...and one more tree photo :)

Day 209: Red.

Day 210: What can I say...I love trees!

Day 211: Taking pictures for future post!

Day 212: Going trough my Easter decoration!

Day 213: Easter eggs!

Day 214: Happy Easter!!
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