Sunday, October 19, 2014

Essence Yes We Pop! Bubble Gum and Pop Love

I picked up 2 items from Essence Yes We Pop! TE: Pop Love nail art decoration kit and Bubble Gum confetti topper.

I wasn't very optimistic about Bubble Gum confetti topper because Essence toppers can be low on actual confetti but it was hard to resist cute pink glitter. After I tried it it turn out that my fear was justify. I can't really say a lot of good things about this topper. It was a bit difficult to apply it because if you want a thin layer then you will end up with one or with no glitter at all. If you want a lot of glitter you will end up with messy mani that takes ages to dry. And it is not neat as I would want it to be. After all it is best to dab the brush on to your nails. When I look at my nails from close distance I don't like it but when I look at it from the normal distance it looks pretty. So, I will probably use it at times but this could be so much better. Next time they should at least double the glitter.

And now let's look at the product I really love, nail art decoration kit Pop Love

I love colorful different size studs in this nail art kit. They can be usable in so many ways and spice up any manicure, They are easy to apply and they last few days without any problem. Love them!


  1. Meni je isto zapeo za oko ovaj topper, ali mu jos odoljevam. Ja inace glitere nanosim prvo na spuzvu, do zeljenog inteziteta, spuzva popije visak laka i ostane samo gliter koji samo zaljepis sa spuzvom na nokat. Vrlo jednostavno i nema debelog sloja laka :)


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