Friday, October 10, 2014

New in - September 2014

In September I got few products that I wanted for a while. few that are products I use regularly and few randoms. I will dedicate a post for most of products I bought in September so this will be just a quick post. 
I finally put my hands on Makeup Revolution. I got Iconic 2, Iconic 3 and Essential Mattes palettes and Frambroise Shake cream blush ( click ). I also got I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate palette.

Next I have two Loreal Elvital Color Glanc shampoo and Balea limited edition deo-bodyspray and soap. Both look adorable and smell really good.

Recently I discovered two web pages with great deals for fragrances. I develop a little addiction and I got myself Davidoff Cool Water 50 ml EDT ( from ) and Britney Spears Curious 100 ml EDT ( from ). I'm afraid I will not stop at these two :D

I also have new liquid foundation. Maybelline Fit 120, another great deal with 50% off made me buy this one. After I test it a bit more I will post my review. 

In the end of this post I have Aveo Berry Bomb body lotion and two cute notebooks!

Nice catch, don't you think? Did you tried any of these products?

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  1. Fragrancedirect doesn't ship to Greece anymore, such a pity! Iconic 3 and Essential Mattes are great palettes!


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