Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Essence SC Orange Sunset vs Andy you're a star

In my last post I mentioned that Essence Orange Sunset and Andy you're a star look very similar. Here is a closer look. I took both polishes  and they really do look almost the same. Orange sunset is just a little bit brighter than Andy you're a star, but it is also has more pigment and when you have one coat of OS it looks like two coats of AYAS.

You almost don't see the difference, wright?
Here is picture of my hand, where all my nails are polished with Orange Sunset, except middle which is Andy you're a star.

Even though both polishes are very similar, my favorite is Sun Club Orange Sunset. That is because it has more pigment but that's it. If you already have Andy you're star there's no reason to buy this one too...but then again if this is exact orange shade you imagined on your nails for this summer go on :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Swatch: Essence TE Sun Club Bondi Beach nail polishes

There has been some time since I saw any (new) Trend Edition from Essence in my local drugstores, I don't know what is the reason for that but yesterday  finally Bondi Beach came to town :) In this TE you can find eyeshadow palettes, gel eyeliners, gel eyeliner brush, bronzing powder, water prof mascara and nail polishes.I bought four nail polishes, I was hoping I will bought all five of them but in my local drugstore they were already out of Pink Heart. Maybe I will find it somewhere else.

In this collection you can find two beautiful eyeshadow palettes, but those two palettes were  among the products that came out in March: South Beach and Long Beach .

Now let's have a better look at the polishes! All the colors are very pretty, my favorites are Chasing Waves and Splash Refresh. They looks so cute on my nails. I also like Golden sands, it has been soooo long since I bought some brown nail polish. I like this one because it is beautiful golden brown, it will be great for summer. Orange Sunset is warm orange color. I love it, but orange nail polish which came in Whoom! Boooom! collection is almost the same as this one...so I am not that excited about this one.

02 BBC Chasing waves and 03 Splash Refresh

04 BBC Orange Sunset and 05 Golden Sands

Here they are on my nails (2 coats) :

Sunday, May 29, 2011

True blood Season 4: First 3 minutes + promos + sneak peeks

True Blood Season 4 premieres June 26, 2011. I can't wait for new season to start. There has been a lot of promos, sneak peeks and what is most important: we can already see first 3 minutes of new season . It seams that in new season we will have to deal not just with vampires, shape shifters and wolfs...now we have to deal with witches and fairies.

Here are first 3 minutes of Season 4:

Clip looks very interesting, I don't know but in seams to me that fairies are not just fun and games (or maybe parties like they say in the clip) I have a feeling that there is something crazy and dark about them. Who knows, maybe I am wrong...luckily we will find out very soon.

Here are other promos and sneak peeks that I found:

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Haul: Make Up Factory, Bourjois, Catrice and Manhattan

Lately there has been a lot of sales in my local drugstores, so I decided to take advantage of it. As you can assume that wasn't hard decision to make :) Here are the beauty products I bought in last few weeks.

First are Make Up Factory products. I bought them in 50 % off. Here is beautiful MUF grey eyeshadow. You can see on the pictures how pretty it is.  The color is 04 -  grey with sliver and just a little bit of green and pink glitter in it. Other MUF product is a nail polish, number 051 in color terracotta... i think :) . This is my first Make Up Forever  nail polish and I think that is really good but I have to say that I don't like the color I choose. It looks pretty in the bottle even it the pictures bellow looks good...but not on my nails :(

My other purchase was few days ago in the drugstore where all the nail polishes were 30 % off, on top of that all the Bourjois products were 40 % off witch made Bourjois nail polishes 70 % off...how great is that :) Here are the polishes I bought: Bourjois 10 days number 11. and 17., Bourjois 1 Seconde number 15., Catrice Dirty Berry and Manhattan Base Coat. Here is the picture of all polishes, I still haven't try them on my nails but as soon as I do, I will post the pictures.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Desperate housewives, Grey's anatomy and Private Practice - end of seasons 7 and 4

Desperate housewives - end of Season 7

Last week ABC's TV shows came to an end. Desperate housewives ended their Season 7, but this isn't all that we will see from Wisteria Lane because Season 8 is approved and we can continue to watch Desperate housewives next season. This season we could saw usual picture: friendships on a test, a lot of backstabbing, drama, gossip...everything we used to see in episode of Desperate housewives. Some old characters were back, and some new character came in to town. One of them is Renee, played by Vanessa Williams.

Grey's anatomy - end of Season 7 

Grey's anatomy, just like Desperate housewives ended their Season 7 and they will also continue next season. Like every year in Grey's anatomy there were lot of new characters, some are leaving the show and some will stay. I didn't liked the first part of the season, but when Grey's anatomy came back after Midseason break things  got better. We can also say that was year of weddings and  babies. I wonder how will story develop in Season 8. There is another thing I have to mention: musical episode that aired few weeks ago. This was kind of episode that could be really amazing or really bad. In my opinion it was somewhere in between. The reason for that is one and only Sara Ramirez. 

Private practice - end of Season 4

Private practice had a season full of ups and downs. At the time it was great, and the other times not so much. Season 4 ended last week and this is the show that is approved for next season as well.  In Season 5 Benjamin Bratt will join cast of Private practice, he already made his debut in season finale. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gossip girl and 90210 - end of season 4 and 3

Gossip girl - end of Season 4

Season 4 of Gossip Girl ended last week and I really don't know what to say about this show any more. I liked the first part of season, but when they came back after Midseason break everything went down hill if you ask me.  I have a feeling that plot is the same every single episode and they just don't have the spark any more. I think that the last two episodes of  a season were good, but I don't like the ending at all...mostly because I'm not sure where all that leads. Anyway, Season 5 is most likely last season of Gossip Girl and I really hope it will be great, at least better then S03 and S04 and that we will get and ending all of us (or maybe, most of as) is hoping for: Chuck and Blair - happily ever after!!! 

90210 - end of Season 3

The same day as Gossip girl, 90210 had Season Finale. I think Season 3 was much better then Season 2 when I almost gave up from watching 90210.  Season 3 was good, better then I expected. But when the season was coming to an end, episodes that we have seen were...I don't know little bit...messy. There were so many things that happened  from nowhere. Which made a bad effect on hole season. My favorite couple in the season were Naomi and Max, they are such a cute couple and I hope they stay together in next season. Just like new season of Gossip girl, new season of 90210 will probably be the last. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deborah Pret a Porter - Love at first sight

Deborah Milano has a Limited collection of nail polishes called Pret a Porter. In this collection you will find so many beautiful colors and shades. When I saw it for the first time I literally didn't know where to look first. Between many colors I choose one, which is called Love at first sight. One thing is for sure, the name of this nail polish is perfect for it. Love at first sight is beautiful warm pink color with lots of glitter, which you can feel  under your finger when you go over your nail. Two coats of nail polish is enough to get pretty color, but if you add third coat like I did it is even better. Only thing that I don't like about this nail polish and Pret a Porter collection in general is that they are really small, you have only 4,5 ml in the bottle.

Next on my wish list is Ballerina tutu, which is pretty pastel purple/pink shade.
Here are all the colors from collection:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Vampire diaries - end of Season 2

Season 2 of The Vampire diaries come to an end last week. At the moment this is my favorite TV show. The Vampire diaries had amazing Season 1 and I was worried how they will continue in Season 2 but they didn't disappoint me. They developed the story very good, new characters are introduced very well and all season long they kept the story interesting and we never knew what will happen next. Lead actress Nina Dobrev did amazing job in this season by playing two completely different characters. I was very happy with her performance and I must admit little bit surprised, in positive way of course. With Season Finale that took place on Thursday last week there are so many open stories and I am very curious how will story go on. In the end, I have to say that even though I am very happy with the way Season 2 was, Season 1 is little bit better. Probably because everything was new and fresh, but Vampire diaries stays on top of my list and I already can't wait fall for new episodes.

Fan Bing Bing in Cannes

One of the biggest stars of  Cannes Film Festival 2011 is Fan Bing Bing. Fan Bing Bing is Chinese actress and singer, but she is also known about her sense of style. She is always elegant and sopfisticated and she is never afraid to take risk. Let's see her Cannes 2011 choices!

My favorite is her beautiful Versace gown

Bo Kewen


Oscar de la Renta

Elie Saab

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