Thursday, May 26, 2011

Desperate housewives, Grey's anatomy and Private Practice - end of seasons 7 and 4

Desperate housewives - end of Season 7

Last week ABC's TV shows came to an end. Desperate housewives ended their Season 7, but this isn't all that we will see from Wisteria Lane because Season 8 is approved and we can continue to watch Desperate housewives next season. This season we could saw usual picture: friendships on a test, a lot of backstabbing, drama, gossip...everything we used to see in episode of Desperate housewives. Some old characters were back, and some new character came in to town. One of them is Renee, played by Vanessa Williams.

Grey's anatomy - end of Season 7 

Grey's anatomy, just like Desperate housewives ended their Season 7 and they will also continue next season. Like every year in Grey's anatomy there were lot of new characters, some are leaving the show and some will stay. I didn't liked the first part of the season, but when Grey's anatomy came back after Midseason break things  got better. We can also say that was year of weddings and  babies. I wonder how will story develop in Season 8. There is another thing I have to mention: musical episode that aired few weeks ago. This was kind of episode that could be really amazing or really bad. In my opinion it was somewhere in between. The reason for that is one and only Sara Ramirez. 

Private practice - end of Season 4

Private practice had a season full of ups and downs. At the time it was great, and the other times not so much. Season 4 ended last week and this is the show that is approved for next season as well.  In Season 5 Benjamin Bratt will join cast of Private practice, he already made his debut in season finale. 

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