Friday, May 6, 2011

Red riding hood + Rio + Fast five

Red riding hood

This week for me was movie theater week. I saw three amazing movies. First one that I saw was Red riding hood. I was talking with my friend about this movie for a while and we both had high expectations about it. Usually when that happens I end up disappointed, but not this time. I really loved it. If you like SF / fantasy or movies you will love it too. It is interesting, mysterious and romantic. I also loved Amanda Sayfired, she did great job in this movie.


Fantastic animated movie. If you just want to watch something funny and relaxing this is the movie for you. I was watching it with my boyfriend and we had a great time. Rio de Janeiro, birds, good guys vs. bad guys = FUN. Voices in the movie: Anne Heathaway, Jessy Eisenberg, Jaime Fox....

Fast five

Again Rio de Janeiro like previous movie I saw but totally different story. Fast five is fifth movie of Fast and the furious series...this one gather all the actors from previous movies along with leading Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. If you are in for some action and  fast cars you won't be disappointed.

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  1. great movies,I had also lot of fun this week:)


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