Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Essence Breaking Down nail polish swatches: Alice Had A Vision - Again and Jacob's Protection

Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Down Part 2 TE is in stores now and here are my two picks. I bought two nail polishes Alice Had A Vision - Again and Jacob's Protection, both shades are really pretty. There was also golden one and black with silver flakies - Edward's Love which also looked very pretty but I decided to pass because it is to similar to Paradelade from Crazy Good Times TE, a bit more complex but close enough. 
Alice and Jacob are really stunning, especially when you look at them closely:

Today I applied both polishes because I couldn't decide which one to try first. Alice Had A Vision - Again is dark purple shade with  loads of purple, blue and green flakies. Looks really pretty in real life, on my pictures looks more blue but in reality it is gorgeous purple. My favorite.

Jacob's Protection is dark blue, almost black base with a lot of blue, purple and green flakies. You can see Jacob's Protection swatch on my ring finger. ( Click to enlarge )

Both bottles contain 10 ml of product and actually both bottle and brush are just like new  Catrice as well as the formula. Formula is little bit thick but application was fine with me, but I also think there will be many girls that won't be happy about it. 2 coats are enough for full opacity ( my swatches are without top coat ).

Did you try anything from Breaking Down TE?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Skeleton manicure

Last night I did my first Halloween manicure this year. I wanted to have skeleton on two nails and this is how it turn out to be. I'm happy with this mani even though there are more then few flaws. This is my first attempt of skeleton mani so next time would probably be better but I can give you few tips if you want to try something like this. I used nail dotting tool to draw a skeleton, I used big one and the smallest one ( the one from 15 nail art brushes set ). That small one is the key of success so if you don't have it I recommend toothpick because you need thin lines. Also it is important to pay attention to the space (notice how my poor skeleton has damaged left leg bone and that bottom part is bigger then the up part   ). However this mani is cool enough that all those little mistakes are negligible and I love it anyway  .

Nail polishes I used were Catrice Back To Black and Essence Ahoy

Do you have your Halloween mani yet?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy was on my wishlist for years. If I remember correctly I got a sample right when it first come out and I fell in love with it immediately. This is Marc Jacobs Daisy Black Edition in 50 ml bottle. To me scent is absolutely beautiful, it is fresh, elegant and perfect  for the night but of course I'm wearing it during the day as well ;) I just love it so much! The scent is also long lasting but is not too strong. Most people recommend Daisy for Spring, but even now when it is cold it is really beautiful but I'm also looking forward to wearing Daisy in spring and summer.  Daisy is of course floral scent, with jasmin, violet and gardenia as middle notes. Top notes are blood grapefruit, violet leaf and wild strawberry while base notes are musk, white woods and vanilla.

The bottle is gorgeous just like all Marc Jacobs bottles ( how cool is new Dot bottle?? ). The bottle itself is black and simple but the stopper is what makes all Daisy bottles to stand out, three golden flowers! Love it!

Do you like Marc Jacobs Daisy? What is your favorite perfume right now?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Golden Rose swatches: 269, 322, 307 and 328

I love Golden Rose nail polishes. They have great color range, application is nice, they last for few days without chipping and they have affordable price.Today I want to show you my swatches of four Golden Rose nail polishes.All the colors are creamy with no shimmer, my swatches are with 2 coats of each nail polishe. Each bottle contains 12.5 ml.

Number 269

First one is number 269, this one is really pretty. One of those color that you can't really categorize, the closest would be coral pink. Ether way it is beautiful.What I love about color like this is that is always appropriate, no matter what you do or where you going color like this always look good.

Number 322

Lately I'm in love with colors like Golden Rose 322. Bright red coral, this is amazing summer color but I will have no problem wearing it all the time. Love it!

Number 307

Nail polish number 307 is cream pink. Every pink lover will love this one too. 307 like all nail polishes I'm showing you today looks very nice on nails, beautiful finish like this makes me want more Golden Rose nail polishes :D

Number 328

Last one today is number 328. 328 is neon pink, I adore neons so this one had to be mine too :) Only thing about this one is that is little bit sheer, even though I applied 2 coats for the pictures nail line is still visible and 3 coats or white base would be much better. Other then that the color is awesome!

Do you like Golden Rose nail polishes?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Best Pet Award

I was tagged by Cynical Romantic with awesome new tag created by Misty.

The rules:
1. Forward the beautiful Pet award picture!
2. Answer 10 questions!
3. Tag some people with pets, 3 of them!

Misty celebrated the tag with glitter so I will do exactly that before we start.........

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. How many pets do you have and what are they?
I have one pet, a dog.
2. What is their name?
His name is Grom.
3. How did you got them?
My dad got him from his friend.
4. How old are they?
He is 1 year old.
5. Their favorite food is...?
ANYTHING!!!He would eat or try to eat really anything he is not picky at all.

6.Where are they right now and what are the doing?
He is sleeping in his dog house :)
7. Craziest thing they did?
Well, he has been really good pet so far and only thing I can say is that every now and then he makes some kind of mess and little by little he has managed to ruin my mother's flowers outside.
8.The worst thing they did so far?
Look at the previous answer ;)
9. What is their favorite thing to do?
Run around and play with us. He is very playful dog :) Other then that he likes to lay around.
10. If they could gossip about you, what would your pet said about you?
Hmmm...he would probably said that when he seas me he always tries to do something he is not allowed because with me he has the best chance for success. 

I tag:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Empty #2

Essence Stay With Me longlasting lipgloss Me&My Icecream - beautiful everyday lip gloss, I will probably repurchase this one.

Essence Studio nails 24/7 nail base - my favorite nail base, I don't even know how many of these I finished.

Essence Nail polish remover Coconut + papaya - I love the new formula of Essence nail polish remover. I don't have favorite nail polish remover but I usually use Essence.

Balea Young Summer Glow body lotion - I already mentioned this body lotion on my blog and now I can say again that I absolutly love it. Unfortunately this was limited edition.

Revlon ColorStay Dry / Normal Skin 150 Buff Chamois - amazing liquid foundation, I already bought new bottle :)

Balea face wipes - my favorite way to remove makeup lately, this Balea wipes are amazing!

Mexx Very Nice - this was my everyday perfume, the scent was very nice and it lasted for decent amont of time.

Schwarzkopf Schauma Color Glanz shampoo and conditioner - few years ago all of my shampoos and conditioner were Schauma but then I tried L'oreal and stick with them. Now I tried Schauma again and I'm definitely gonna go back to L'oreal. They are much better for my hair.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Pool Party + Essence Carrie

China Glaze Pool Party is one of my favorite nail polishes because I adore bright nail polishes and this neon is gorgeous. This time I added few stripes: black, silver and colorful and on top of all I applied pink glitter. I love how this mani turn out, it is very simple but bright color and glitter stand out. Glitter polish is Essence topper, my old favorite - Carrie. Carrie is now discontinued but now I'm using my back up bottle.

I used China Glaze Pool Party, Essence Carrie, Essence Berlin Story, Essence Silver Surfer and Essence More Then Silver

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nina Dobrev style transformation

I miss The Vampire Diaries so much, fortunately new season is starting tomorrow. I can't wait to see new episode but until then here is one post dedicated to Nina Dobrev and her style. Nina is beautiful girl and I love her in her role of Elena and I love her even more when she is Katherine. 
Few years ago when Nina Dobrev was just started to be more popular I didn't liked her style at all!There was always something wrong,  every time I would see her I would ask myself Why????? because most of the time she looked like this:

But then somewhere a year ago things started to change a little bit...I don't know what it was, pobably a new stylist...and Nina started looking better!

The dress that made everyone notice Nina was Donna Karan at Emmy Awards 2011. I like to watch award show red carpet and that night Nina was one of the first that arrived. She looked gorgeous in this gown! I'm not a big fan of mermaid gowns but this one  fits her body perfectly that I just have to love it!! She was stunning!

After Donna Karan dress things just got better and better...

Nina's style is interesting and versatile she is not stuck in one look and I'm always interested to see what is she wearing. Before it was just because I'm a The Vampire Diaries fan but now I have something to see!

All I can say in conclusion is:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
What do you think about Nina and her style? Love it or hate it? Are you happy because TVD is back???

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catrice Oh My Goldness!

Catrice Oh My Goldness! is one of new Catrice nail polishes. The color is shimmery gold and even though this is not the usual color I would reach for I like it. This is very nice fall color and I would also like to use it for nail art because I think it would look great together with some other fall colors. 
For full opacity two coats are enough. Application is easy. The bottle contains usual 10 ml.
Did you tried any new Catrice nail polish?

Monday, October 8, 2012

September 2012 favorites

Elf Warm palette click

Catrice Infinite Matt click

Eveline Art Scenice Silicone Make-up base - I tried this product recently for the first time, it is excellent. I tried it with Revlon Colorstay foundation and Catrice Infinite Matt foundation, it works great with both but result with Catrice foundation is amazing!!

Eveline Fruit Garden lip gloss - This thing smells so good, it is glossy and it's not sticky. Love it!

Alverde Dusch-Peeling - I love Alverde coconut and lotus peeling with  coconut scraps. Works very well and smells really nice too.

Golden Rose with protein - great nail polishes but more about them in next few days. 

p2 What's Up Beach Babe juicy lip balm Appletini

Elf powder brush click

Essence Fix & Matte

Golden Rose Silky Touch blush no.209 click

Friday, October 5, 2012

Preview: Essence TE Twilight Saga Breaking Down - Part 2

I love Essence trend edition inspired by vampires. This year there will be one too, trend edition is called Twilight Saga Breaking Down - Part 2 and it is inspired by the movie. We will have a chance to see this collection in person in November 2012. I'm looking forward to see it in real life, pictures even thought they are really small look nice but it is easy to predict  that all the product will be shimmery! The collection contains: blush, liquid eyeliner, lip glosses, lip stick, nail polishes, pigments and shimmer powder. 

Renesme Red

Alice Had A Vision - Again; Jacob's Protection

Alice Had A Vision -Again; Renesme Red

A Piece Of Forever

Edward's Love; A Piece Of Forever

Alice Had A Vision - Again; Jacob's Protection

Jacob's Protection; Alice Had A Vision - Again

Edward's Love; A Piece Of Forever

 Bella's Secrete

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